Medical Insight: Midwifery at St. Mary’s Medical Center (Duluth) – Essentia Health

Welcome to Medical Insight. A weekly healthcare feature brought to you
by the experts at Essentia Health. Here’s your host Louie St. George. Today on Medical Insight, certified nurse
midwives Zada Dunaiski and Amity Heinbuch tell us about Essentia Health’s comprehensive
midwife program for low-risk pregnancies. Essentia’s now offering a midwifery program. So a patient can see a midwife throughout
the pregnancy, and we have a 24/7 call service where the midwife will meet the patient at
the bedside and attend the birth. Typically midwives will spend more time one-on-one
with a patient during their labor, giving them suggestions, position changes, different
ways to cope with the discomforts of labor, whether it be getting in the tub or massage,
as well as midwives can also provide different medication interventions to help them with
whatever they want in their labor and delivery. According to Heinbuch, women who use midwives
typically have healthier pregnancies and are better equipped for a natural childbirth. The patient would come in and see a nurse
practitioner or a midwife for the first visit and talk about risk factors, and then decide
if you’re a midwife candidate or if you should see a doctor for your pregnancy. Women want continuous bedside support in labor
and a lot of women want an unmedicated birth or a more holistic approach to their pregnancy. The unique part of this program is that you
can have a full midwifery experience with the backup of an in-house obstetrician, anesthesiologist
and a NICU team. For Medical Insight, I’m Louie St. George. This Medical Insight was brought to you by
Essentia Health. To learn more about the services we offer,
visit Essentia Health dot org.

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