Medical clinic that helped 2 local heroes earns national award

A METRO MEDICAL CLINIC BROUGHT HOME A NATIONAL AWARD… FOR HOW THEY HELPED TWO LOCAL HEROES. NEWS 13 )S BRITTANY BADE SHOWS YOU THEIR INSPIRING STORIES. TWO LOCAL HEROES… Nakitare7:00″I was in the army”:01 Berela15:37″retired deputy sheriff”:38 WITH TWO LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS. Nakitare7:11″Feb 2013…”7:12 Berela18:05″2010… september 1st”:06 30 YEAR VETERAN OF THE BERNALILLO COUNTY SHERIFF )S OFFICE )GIRARD BERALA ) AND ARMY VETERAN )DANIEL NAKITARE )… Nakitare34:34″that at foot is pretty awesome”:36 WERE (BOTH FORCED TO MAKE A CHOICE. Nakitare8:20 i was in pain all the time and i had a kid on the way”:26 42:14:00 NATS CARS FOR BARELA… IT WAS A CAR CRASH… explosion? FOR NAKITARE IT WAS AN I-E-D BOMB… THAT SHATTERED THEIR ANKLES AND FORCED BOTH MEN TO CHOOSE… LIVE A LIFE OF CONSTANT PAIN AND SURGERIES… OR LIVE ONE WITHOUT A LEG. Berela 20:40″i made the decision laying in that bed… i was not going to let this take my uniform away from me”:44 26:30-NATS shoe squeak, turning toward cam THEY BOTH CHOSE TO (TRY AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE AGAIN. 26:33″do your side step” THEN… THEY WORKED UNTIL THEIR UNSURE STEPS TURNED INTO STURDY ONES… 27:09:00 NATS shoe squeak UNTIL THEY COULD START DOING THE LITTLE THINGS AGAIN… WITH THEIR SONS.. 10:17″putting my son on my shoulders and going to the park”:21 AND WIVES. 25:42 )i love you joann you mean everything to me in the whole world THE INCREDIBLE PROGRESS OF THESE PATIENTS (AND OTHERS… WON THEIR CLINICIANS AT HANGER PROSTHETICS IN RIO RANCHO A NATIONAL AWARD…. THE EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR PATIENT OUTCOMES… GIVEN TO CLINICS AROUND THE COUNTRY WITH THE HIGHEST SUCCESS RATES. BRODEHL 3:53″at the end of the day we really leave with a true joy about what we )re doing”:00 CLINIC MANAGER GABRIELLE BRODEHL IS PROUD OF HOW FAR BOTH MEN HAVE COME… 27:54:06nats AND EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH STILL HAVE WORK TO DO… Berela23:04″we )ve worked. we )ve worked really really hard”:08 29:47″my leg is perfect”:48 THEY ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES… TOO. 11:57″it )s crazy when i think back at where i was when i first got my injury and where i am now”:02 BRITTANY BADE… KRQE NEWS 13. BOTH MEN SAID THEY COULD NOT HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF THEIR FAMILIES. TO READ MORE ABOUT

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