Medical clinic ratings for patients worldwide

We all visit medical clinics at various life
stages – due to accidents, dental needs, to have babies, improve physical looks, or due
to serious illness. Choosing the right medical clinic is often
a game of luck, location & cost. The GCR makes the complicated task of assessing
a suitable clinic almost as easy as choosing a good hotel or restaurant. We rate clinics on expertise, facilities,
services & patient feedback, showing how they compare to others, locally and internationally. Medical clinics also use our data to improve
the quality service level they provide. GCR – Because all patients deserve VIP care

1 thought on “Medical clinic ratings for patients worldwide

  1. This is for Pacific Medial Clinic in Washington State in particular in Puyallup, Wa. If you are a normal male just walk in sit down and when talking to a female act robot like in a tone with no expression as in today's world she will interpret this a violence against women or at the least "offensive" and "abusive" and will contact her superiors and have you banned from that location–seriously. If you think I'm kidding try asking a question in a tone that she interprets in one of the classes mentioned above–not only am I in question of their medical skills by bringing in doctors with degrees from obscure hospitals in the Caribbean Islands. With a lot of pain form a hip problem I called the Puyallup, Wa office this morning in an attempt to get a visit by a RN or doctor and all I wanted was to see one of them who would please take a X-Ray of my right hip area and while in much pain she didn't like my "tone" and hung up on me…There are way too many "sensitive" childlike women in their whole system….don't go there.

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