Medical City McKinney Supports Community Health Clinic with $10,000 Donation

(Community health clinic) Jackie Rakowski: The donation from
Medical City McKinney really
helps us pay our nurse practitioners. We have three in particular
that are here every week. They see the bulk of our patients although
we have many other volunteers on the medical staff many only come once or
twice a month. By having these three and NPs here every single week we are able
to see more patients and to help alleviate the pressure off the emergency
rooms of the hospital. They also help financially with medical expenses such
as flu vaccine, flu tests, strep tests things that we need to keep the clinic
running every single day. Ernest Lynch: We’ve been a long-term
supporter of the Community
Health Center and it is the most vulnerable patient populations
taken care of by that clinic. They do not have health services and and we feel
like we’re filling our mission statement by taking care of the basic health
needs of a very deserving and underserved patient population. Right when they were thinking about opening up a clinic one of the first partnerships
that they formed was with Medical City McKinney. They have been a financial
supporter every year since the opening in 2004 but they’ve also helped of us
with supportive ways such as imaging services and we have doctors that have
come from there and nurses as well that volunteer their time. (Medical City McKinney

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