Medical City Children’s Hospital Emergency Room

(heartwarming piano music) – Hi, I’m doctor Johnson, I’m one of the pediatric
emergency room doctors. Nice to meet you. The pediatric emergency department here opened up about seven years ago, and we have 10 dedicated
rooms for pediatric patients. – [Narrator] The Medical
City Children’s Hospital emergency room is separate
from the adult emergency room at Medical City to create
a more soothing environment and shorter wait times. – The RME area stands for
rapid medical evaluation, and those are seven rooms that we utilize typically for kids who are not as sick as
some of the other kids. Ear infections, simple cuts on the skin, or simple broken bones. We try to get them in
and out under an hour. – [Narrator] Board-certified
pediatric medicine physicians care for children in the emergency room. – We have staff, a complementary
staff, of pediatric nurses, pediatric techs, and pediatric child life that work with the pediatric
patients that we see. – [Narrator] Medical City
Children’s Hospital is proud to offer emergency room care and equipment that is just the right size
for even the smallest patients. – For the real unfortunate kids, who aren’t able to breathe on their own, we may need to put them
on a breathing machine and we would use a neo-natal or a newborn size endotracheal tube so that they can breathe on the breathing machine. – Bubbles! – Bubbles! – [Narrator] Child life specialists are an important part of the ER, they are specially trained
to communicate with children about what to expect during
their emergency room stays. By talking in a kid-friendly manner, they help children become comfortable with their surroundings. – They’ll use play therapy, they’ll use dolls to help show exactly what an IV means, and they might use a term such as a straw, which is more familiar to a child than an intravenous line, which they don’t know what that means. Or using different words,
instead of an x-ray they might say something like a picture, and so they make it a little
bit easier for the kids so they’re not too scared, and they’ve been a huge
benefit for us here. – [Narrator] Medical
City Children’s Hospital has a separate ER reception area, just for kids. – The pediatric waiting room at Medical City Children’s Hospital, we try to keep it separate
from the adult waiting room. We keep it kid-friendly, often times child life will come out to help with the children out here, keep them entertained,
bring them coloring books, crayons, different games, to keep the kids happy
while they’re waiting to be seen in the emergency room. – [Narrator] Dr. Johnson
says one of the reasons he became a pediatrician is because it allows him to be a kid! He can talk about cartoon
characters, or Matchbox cars, and it’s fun! He knows kids want to play and have fun, but they also want to get better. – Kids want to get better. I don’t have any medicines more powerful than a kid’s desire to
go back outside and play, and if I have that on my side, my job is easy. (whimsical string music)
(children talking)

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