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So imagine if you’re in your house, you flip a light switch –
the lights don’t come on, you don’t have power running to your home,
you don’t have water running to your home. How do you provide that in the middle of nowhere? And that is what off-grid technology is all about. The Office of Naval Research funded the research
and construction of this prototype turnkey medical clinic. Once it was designed and fabricated, the decision about
how to deploy the clinic was left up to us. This system has use cases like humanitarian applications,
disaster-response scenarios and military operations. We’re building the first prototype here in Phoenix, Arizona. and we’re going to be deploying this to the Ayilo II refugee camp
in northern Uganda. We evaluated sites to deploy our clinic in a humanitarian context, and we came across an organization called Medical Teams International. They were actually the
organization staffing and running the medical clinic in the Ayilo II Refugee camp that we visited. So we partnered with them to launch the first prototype
as they have the knowledge and staffing and history to use the system to its full potential in areas that could use
a little bit of additional support and infrastructure. So this is a really great, low-risk way to deploy this first
prototype and evaluate how effective it is at providing clean water, stable power and
a little bit of extra health care capacity for them.

2 thoughts on “Medical care off the grid | Arizona State University

  1. This is a great idea, and it kills two birds with one stone.

    We have a bit of a problem with cargo containers in this country. The problem is that we're importing far more of them than we're shipping out, and they're really starting to pile up. It isn't even worth it to scrap them. We need to find new uses for them, and this is a very noble one. As an added bonus, it appears unmodified on the outside, meaning you could probably send it to its destination on a container ship like any other container.

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