100 thoughts on “Medical Breakthrough – SNL

  1. So it is ‘Frontiers’ instead of ‘Frontier’ as it is spelled behind him and at almost 9 months pregnant he ‘just’ made history?

  2. Epilogue

    The good news is, he gave birth to 3 beautiful baby girls.

    The bad news is, he killed himself 2 days later with a hospital scalpel because, as he described it:
    “Imagine being operated on completely paralysed asleep, and the doctor forgot the anesthetics. You feel every hint of that horrid pain, yet you can’t scream, you can’t cry, and you can’t pray… I have been in a place worse than hell, and I don’t care anymore where I’ll end up after tasting it. So… Very… Bitter…”

  3. If scientists were gonna embark on this endeavor they should at least give the man an artificial "vagina". They were able to give him an artificial womb, they should give him an extra orifice connected to the womb. If I'm not mistaken, that how seahorses do it.

  4. If this became real women would !lose their tiny minds!! Men would love it.. less babies and over population solved

  5. Actually i read somewhere that some guy was pregnant with his seismetic twin he had been born with inside his body

  6. Lol this didn't age well, my husband really is pregnant (trans).

    Also there's already a name for "tuliping" (UNRELATED TO THE ABOVE LINE, LOL), it's called a rosebud in porn.

  7. Joke 1: Soooo how do you explain to your wife the baby's black ?

    AH-AH how the tables have turned!

    Joke 2: It's all fun and games until they talk about tuliping your dick.

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