Med Student Memo: What Do You Wish You Knew Before Starting Medical School?

(uplifting music) – When you come into med school you’re so used to, okay, this is my organic chemistry, and I need to know how this
molecule reacts with this. And like if I know that, on a test, like I’ll get everything. When you come to medical school you’re not going to know everything that the teacher tells you. Like, you may not even know everything from one lecture that a teacher gives you, and you can have like
20 lectures in a week. And so, it’s okay to not understand and to not know everything. – You know, coming in at one year you’re just so excited by all these things that you have the ability to do, and I wish someone had told me, “Maybe you should just pick one or two. Don’t try to do everything.” Because that’s also been really hard in terms of time management. Just there’s too many
great things going on here, and a lot of them fit my interest, but you can’t really do it all. That’s something I didn’t really know until you know, seven months into the year when I had activities every
single night of the week, and I went, “Oh gosh,
when am I gonna study?” – Interviewing is stressful. I wish I had known how
draining it was going to be, and I wish I had known just how much of a toll it would take. But if you know that it’s
going to be really exhausting, I think it’s easier to get through. If you get to the point of an interview, all you have to do is just
go and like be yourself. I think it’s the best advice
you can get for an interview because people try to like put on a show whenever they go, and they like have all the right answers, and I don’t think that really helps. It doesn’t help you figure out if you wanna go to that school. That doesn’t help the school figure out if they want you there. And I’m sure you’re a great person if you wanna go into medicine, so just go to the interview, and be yourself, and you’ll be fine.

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  1. Man, I want to study about being a medic, but at the same time I wanna study art or writing, dude, theirs just too much things that can make a good future.

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