Measles Kills Children In Samoa | A Doctor Reacts To Anti-Vax Lies

Another day, another
vaccine video, man, it’s like, I wanna stop making videos about vaccines, but I can’t because people
continue to do really, really stupid stuff,
so now, we have Samoa, okay, this island, this is what went down. There were a couple of deaths
of children that happened in an institution after they
got the measles vaccine, and so, the government
and everybody panicked, they said we needed to shut
down the vaccination program until we figure out what’s going on. Well, they did figure
out what was going on. It turns out nurses incorrectly mixed a expired muscle relaxant with the vaccine instead of water or saline with
the vaccine, and of course, that was the cause of the
tragic death of these children. Unfortunately, the damage was done. With the measles vaccination
program shut down, the vaccination rate dropped
to 31% on the island, and what happened next is an illustration of why the anti-vaccine movement, when they say things like
“measles is a natural infection,” “we should allow it to take it’s course,” “and everything will be fine,”
why they’re absolutely wrong. 4,000 cases, so far, of measles on Samoa. 60 deaths. The vast majority in children
under four years old. Let that sink in. It’s been a year since
they stopped vaccinating. The unvaccinated children are now dying of measles in a massive outbreak. This is one of the most
contagious diseases known to man and this is what, this is
the world that we would face if we listen to the
anti-scientific hysterics of celebrities and anti-vaccine activists. So, the bottom line is, yes,
a terrible mistake was made, they figured it out, it had
nothing to do with the vaccine, the MMR vaccine itself. What happened in the neighboring islands? They maintained 90 plus
percent rates of herd immunity and immunization, no deaths. So, the take home point is
this, vaccinate your children. On the medical side, we need to do a better job
of communicating the horrors of the pre-vaccine era,
measles, mumps, rubella, all the diseases that
we’re now preventing, and we need to do a
better job of doing things like sharing this video with
people that you care about, all right guys, and our thoughts are out to the island of Samoa,
we want them to do well. I believe they produced The Rock, am I right Tom Hinueber, and The Rock is awesome,
Jumanji 2 coming out. I’m not paid by Jumanji 2, but I should be.

33 thoughts on “Measles Kills Children In Samoa | A Doctor Reacts To Anti-Vax Lies

  1. Healthy children are sick for a week, then lifelong immune. Samoan baby’s are underfed and short of vitamine A. “Do not vaccinate baby’s while sick” is worldwide advice. But they do it on Samoa. Immunesystem-compromised baby’s get very very sick, get measles and may die. Please tell the truth 🙏

  2. Well, that explains why my doctors office asked me if I'd been out of the country in the last month. Samoa and the Congo.

  3. So we no longer need to preach JUST the horrors of these diseases from the past, we now have a modern example of what happens without vaccines in our own day. Guess it was bound to be…..
    Keep it up big Z!

  4. IM SO GLAD YOU TALKED ABOUT THIS!!!! Couldn’t wait to hear you discuss this. A woman who has been posting all over FB with a picture of her name on a badge from a CDC conference, but making it appear that she works for them. I absolutely cannot STAND people like that. It’s similar to the antivax “nurse” who no longer has an active license who promotes herself as a nurse to help spread misinformation. Also, she’s not a nurse, but wears scrubs when she goes to speak in front of congress because “it’s comfy”….. 🤦‍♀️

  5. By failing to vaccinate these people don’t just put their own kids at risk of serious complications and death they also put babies too young to vaccinated and children who can not be vaccinated due to medical problems at high risk. More rare are kids like my nieces and nephew who are fully vaccinated but for some reason the vaccination isn’t effective in them. My niece nearly died due to a measles outbreak caused by unvaccinated children, even though she is fully vaccinated she was still on life support in intensive care with her organs shutting down when she was 8 years old. Her baby sister, less than a year old, too young at the time for vaccination was also critically ill in hospital. Thankfully the case was not as serious for my nephew although he was still ill and in pain when he need not have been. My sister in law did everything right but still nearly lost her children, the children suffered, the whole family suffered, thankfully in the uk we have the NHS or the medical bills would have bankrupted them, all because some idiots decided they knew better than all research and qualified professionals and not only saw fit to put their own children at high risk, they put my nieces and nephew in harms way also. I can never ever forgive that.

  6. It's amazing, anti-vaxxers are now getting kids killed with vaccination rates as low as 30%, and they have still come up with ways to blame the vaccine for it.

  7. What about the people born between 1957 and 1989 who never received a booster? At least one in ten of those adults probably a lot more are no longer immune. If you're going to be consistent you have to talk about that cohort of people as well. Adult Primary doctors do not stock or administer MMR. Myself, when I came to the US from Canada they checked my measles titer and I was not immune at age 28. I'm a Gen-X born in 1968 and I was vaccinated for measles as a child. If I hadn't been going through the process of immigration I would still be not immune to measles. . We used to have a very robust NATURAL herd immunity when at least 95% of all adults were permanently immune. Now that herd immunity is very shaky as the permanently immune people are dying off and people's vaccines are waning and no natural boosting is taking place. There's going to be outbreaks coming but it won't only be because of the anti-vaxxers. And it will be as if measles is hitting a virgin population which is a very different thing and much worse.

  8. When there is a RISK there should be a choice.
    And there is a risk, even CDC know that, but they keep studies showing risks hidden. They should not do that.

    Which risks show their own study:
    ‪Hidden CDC study: ‬

    70% #SIDS <3 weeks after DKT vaccin
    (SIDS is a created term since the start of vaccination programs, in order not to blame vaccins)

    Higher risk (x) AE after #vaccination:

    HPV-> Autism 8x, Asthma 8x
    Hep-B -> Learning problem 9x, Autism 3x
    DTP-> Death (girls) 10x
    MMR-> Crohns 3x
    Thiomersal-> Autism 11x
    Flu-> Miscarriage 8x

  9. Measles averaged 500 deaths per year in the United States prior to the vaccine. Those are objective reported numbers. With over 500k cases per year, that's a "low mortality rate" according to anti-vaxxers. there have been 75 measles deaths in Europe out of 84,000 cases this year. If we had no vaccinations, we could reasonably expectabout 700,000 cases per year in the United States. I'd like to hear some anti-vaxxers do the math on how many predicted fatalities there would be, and how much vitamin A they think they need to prevent all of them.

  10. Doc; you ASSUME/CLAIM that the unvaccinated baby’s died. You have proof? They didn’t die that much last years, only know SINCE that vaccinated on large scale the sick, underfed baby’s that are lacking vitamines. You forgot that in the video. Why do all those unvaccinated baby’s die immidiate when large scale vaccinations start? Maybe do an additional video on that? Thanks.

  11. It's such a devastation to Samoa. At the very least, it should serve as a "mic drop" moment in any anti-vax debate. Can it be any more clear? Samoa was vaccinating their kids, and so they didn't have measles. They stopped vaccinating their kids, and thousands got sick and dozens died. How can anti-vaxxers continue to defend their position with such clear and horrific evidence?

  12. I had measles in the first grade. No one in my class had it and my brother and sister didn’t get it either. But that is the way I roll medically.

  13. The history of our world repeatedly shows travelers killing people of new lands with communicable disease. Populations of Islands and even our own Native Americans died by the thousands because of the measles and other childhood diseases. They can go to Google or Wikipedia and get the numbers of deaths before and after Vaccines. Maybe our public service ads need to remind them of the death rates before vaccines.

  14. Is it true that the lack of vitamin A and even C is the reason this was so bad? Whereas healthy eating was why people survived it in the past for the most part?

  15. This is what we should be seeing on the World News. Not the bullshit we are subjected to on a daily basis.
    💙 U Dr. Z!!

  16. Here’s what happened: people have forgotten.

    They’ve forgotten the stores of their grandparents and great grandparents generations where family sizes were large and child mortality was high.

    Samoa had a deadly dengue fever outbreak not too long ago. We’ve had Zika outbreaks.

    If there was a vaccine for dengue fever we would have been all over it because every family here knows someone who lost a child to dengue.

    And now, sadly, we can say the same for measles.

    Antivaxxers are people who are worried about water damage while the house is on fire.

  17. Even if the vaccine was responsible for those two unfortunate deaths it would still be a better option than 60 deaths of measles.

  18. NO ONE !! No One should be forced to take any vax or medicine of any kind .. Period! Your body belongs to you .. not the government or the nation .. you alone own your body .. do not let anyone take it from you. I've had the measles when I was a child .. never to worry about it again! When I was a young teen .. medical docs were encouraging the kids to have their tonsils taken out. We hardly hear anything about that today! Some people are unwittingly believing that the medical profession is perfect in it's suggestions and encouragement .. but they are not! Everyone should do their own research .. for yourself .. for your family .. and certainly you should share what you learn with others .. but no one should force their opinions on others .. no matter what initials they have beside their name. I'm not anti-vaxx .. I'm anti-force! Don't play "God" for other people!

  19. It's also important to note that the vaccination rates in Samoa were already well below the magic 95% mark prior to the tragic deaths from incorrectly mixed vaccines last year. That incident was just the icing on the cake, and saw rates plummet even further.

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