MCPHS–Worcester: Pharmacy

Description: Pharmacy Description: Serious music
Description: Students train to be pharmacists. Speaker 1: With this lab, this is actually a brand-new facility that they refurbished. This building here when I was a student
wasn’t really even an existing. It was kind of here, but was really being used,
so they refurbished it, did it brand-new, and in 2009 it opened with this brand-new lab we have, and we try and mimic what goes on in a community pharmacy
day-to-day. There’s over-the-counter, like self-care kind of recommendations where
it said whether or not a product is appropriate for a patient with a little
case. There’s also little activities built in to verify prescriptions, be it
IV drugs, be it prescription drugs that we kind of take you out about in the lab.
You also have to call the physicians, which are kind of in the back room here
where you learn how to talk to a physician professionally. We learn
whether or not there’s drug interactions and how to professionally deal with
issues that we would see day-to-day in a community pharmacy. The program itself is an accelerated program. It’s thirty-four months, and it specifically broke down in
two years: one, two, and three where classes get professionally obviously a
little bit more involved and tougher, but also the activities that the students
have to do every semester, they kind of build on what you need to do as a
day-to-day pharmacist with lab activities with other labs that we have
built in the curriculum that focus on how to properly take a blood pressure,
how to check blood glucose levels and to do other things that community pharmacies and
ambulatory and hospital pharmacists have to do on a day-to-day basis. If you’re
thinking about coming here, if you’re thinking about becoming a pharmacist,
this program is a great place to be because you can do it in a shorter
amount of time. It only takes two years and ten months.
Everything is condensed. You don’t take any days off. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a
pretty difficult program in terms of the pace. I liken it to when I talk to
admissions students where the jump from high school to undergrad, it’s kind of
like that jump from undergrad to this in terms of the pace at least, but you have
faculty here who totally care, who are invested in you guys. You have
faculty who are from this area. I’m from Springfield, but I still kind of help
that us come around here and I’m invested in this area. I’m invested in
pharmacy, and I haven’t stopped since I got here. This program is great for me
because I haven’t left. So I started here in 2008 as a student, and now I’m a full-time faculty member here, so that’s the kind of atmosphere it is around here. In the lab
itself, we have former students who come in and who helped us preset the lab,
students who just graduated a year or two ago, two years ago, where they kind of walk around, and they help out. They don’t want to leave because of the environment
that is around here. This program is great because of all the hospitals and
all the community pharmacies that are in Worcester, and even in Springfield and
Boston. Those are both less than an hour away on both sides here, so you have an
opportunity to be connected to some of the greatest healthcare in the country.
At least in New England, it’s right here. Description: MCPHS University

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