McMaster Children’s Hospital: Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

[Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, President – McMaster Children’s Hospital speaks] Today is just very exciting such a
wonderful opening ceremony and it’s, you know, the beginning of a legacy in
Hamilton and in the region that we serve. Infrastructure Ontario really, you
know, brings enormous bench strength and expertise to a project like this. It also
allows us to bring together for the first time many of our programs that
were previously in separate buildings. Key programs are autism spectrum
disorder, child and youth mental health, developmental pediatrics rehabilitation,
prosthetics and orthotics, and ideology service that will also be in the
building. [David Gibson, Construction Manager – PCL Constructors Canada Inc speaks] From the time that it started, the construction, the commissioning and the close out, that was all rolled up into 17 and a half months. The AFP model really blends
itself to collaboration. One of the things that our team most enjoyed
working with IO is the just the level experience that IO brings and
in particular their team on this project was second to none. [Deanna Brown, Principal – Stantec Architecture speaks] what can be more special than working
on our project for children and youth from ages 2 to 18 who are coming here. We wanted
everybody to feel comfortable. It was important for it to be welcoming, the
scale to feel appropriate, things like the window design with the windows go
right down to the floor so it’s not, you know, children sort of trying to peak over
the sil of a window. A building where they could say I can be my best self and
I think all of us really felt that working on this project gave us an
opportunity to be our best selves. [Juan Zambrano Camargo, Champion – Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre speaks] It’s been a really great experience.There are a lot of nice people here and it was really nice seeing this place officially be unveiled for the public. [Ingrid Camargo, Juan’s Mom speaks] We came to looking forward to having Juan access the McMaster program and…it’s like all the effort was worthwhile…yeah…so yeah…that’s what I’m most grateful for.

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