McGuire VA Medical Center’s Health Hacks at VCU

So the Health Hacks is an
opportunity for students to come and take a challenge and
basically come up with a very creative solution around any
kind of medical type of challenge. That’s why it’s
called a Heath Hack, not just a Hack-a-thon. We became
partners with VCU because 3 years ago, we did a
Hack-a-thon at McGuire, around medical challenges and we had
VCU students come there and participate, and from them
stemmed the idea of them having the Hack-a-thons here, and one
of our students actually brought that back to the School of
Engineering and that started the first Hack-a-thon around
health issues. The VHA Innovators Network is a
Central Office program that actually funds innovative ideas
that come from employees and employee partnerships with the
community. So these students, the ideas that they’re
developing, the prototypes that they’re creating could
definitely become a collaborative innitiative with
the clinicians at the VA. Our partnership with VCU today
is as much stronger than it’s ever been, and thats because
of these types of events. Bringing together our assistive
technology and innovators together with their School of
Engineering, School of Medicine really allows us to create more
bonds across the river between VCU and VA. We’re also investing
heavily in some of our research with VCU and VA, so thats going
to leverage a lot of our not only basic science but clinical
trials going forward, so I really think Innovation,
Assistive Technology and the partnership with VCU is really
the future of medicine for our Veterans.

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