McFarland Clinic Surgery Services in Marshalltown

McFarland Clinic General Surgery in Marshalltown
provides comprehensive surgical treatment for adult and pediatric patients. Dr. Stephen
Van Buren shares information on the services of general surgery and how patients can benefit
from this care close to home. General surgery is when people say, “You need to see a surgeon.”
That’s really kind of us, and in general surgery, the broadest scope is really anything. But
now, in this day and age, we confine ourselves to basically anything that’s not the brain,
the bones, or the reproductive organs. And then there is some specialization within that
realm, but here in Marshalltown, we’re able to offer really a complete variety, or a wide
range, of different procedures. Personally, I like to concentrate on organs within the
abdomen. That’s what we do mostly, the gallbladder, hernias. We also have the ability to have
strong interest on taking care of breast cancer. We also have the ability to perform colonoscopies
or other endoscopic surgeries here that, often, may not be done by surgeons in other areas.
In addition to traditional surgery, the surgeons at McFarland Clinic Marshalltown also offer
minimally invasive surgery. By using special instruments, the approach can allow for smaller
incisions, quicker recovery, and fewer side effects. Laparoscopic surgery, or the idea
of minimally invasive surgery, is taking over surgery. I have integrated that service completely
into my practice. Laparoscopic hernias, laparoscopic gallbladder operations, laparoscopic colon
operations we can now do, and we’re even offering a newer refinement of the laparoscopic procedure,
the single-incision laparoscopic surgery, that can be applied to gallbladders, appendixes,
and things like that. So, we can really do a surgery with one small, tiny incision. The
advantages of minimally invasive surgery are less pain, faster recovery, faster back to
your normal activities of life and your job. One of the many benefits of choosing a McFarland
physician and surgeon is the teamwork and coordination of care for patients. The advantages
of coordinated care are great. I’m a colleague with, usually, the family physician or the
primary physician. They’ve done a full workup already of the patient. They’re able to contact
me; we can discuss the case. I can know all of the facts right from then and there and
usually can get the patient in really quite quickly into my office to be seen. And then
for follow up, or if there’s any questions or complications that need to be dealt with,
the primary surgeon’s readily available, as are a variety of specialists that readily
available to offer care. For more information on the services offered at McFarland General
Surgery department in Marshalltown, please call (641) 752-6391, or visit us on the web

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