McAllen Medical Center Refresh Kick-off

It’s a $22.7 million dollar aesthetic upgrade of the facility so it’ll be a brand new facility when it’s all said and done – parking lot, new landscaping, new lighting, the building will obviously be painted. But from an interior perspective, that’s really where the money gets dumped in. We have infrastructure that we’re putting in as well as remodeling the patient rooms, bathrooms, corridors, nursing stations, elevators – it’ll be a totally new contemporary looking building when you walk in. Much like a hotel, we want to get away from sort of the sterile atmosphere of traditional hospitals and make it feel like a more homey environment for our patients and the families. Well, like I said, you know if you go down the expressway, this is the building on the expressway that you notice and so it’s been an iconic building since 1985 and the white building, you knew it and so now it’s going to be upgraded so we’re excited about that $24 million dollar project and not only on the outside but on the inside so it’s going to look great on the outside. I think on the inside is more important and it’ll be exciting to see what they’re going to do there. Just the day-to-day niceties, the idea is going to make it more like a hotel experience. When people come to a hospital, they come very anxious, they’re nervous, they don’t know what’s wrong with them. So the little things that we can do on the inside to make that stay more comfortable for them, whether it’s more comfortable seating, more comfortable beds, better spaces for their families to come together. We all know here in the Valley that family is a big part of what we do so making it more comfortable for them on the inside will overall help their stay and help their care. Well, your hospital room, when you go to the hospital sometimes you’re already depressed because you’re in a hospital. It’s tough to be inside the room and so these rooms are going to be, you know, top A rated then they’re going to feel good because their surroundings are going to be beautiful, they’re going to be vibrant and they’re going to make you feel better just being in the room. We are in the process of doing a design-build project for the hospital. It’s a rebranding for the hospital and basically giving a facelift to the exterior of the building and doing some site work as well, landscaping and helping out with the parking areas and providing some additional covered parking and then also providing a greater patient experience where the patients will have a completely renovated patient room where the nurses and the doctors will have better access to the patient. Facelift for that as well with a new paint job and new flooring, new ceilings, new lighting. It’s going to really have a great feel to it, not just for the patient experience, but also for the doctors and nurses inside

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