Mayor spars with former drug users about rehab center

“If it wasn’t for Brighton Recovery Center and God, I would not be standing here today.” today.”NEW TONIGHT ON 11 AT 11… A CHURCH IS PACKED.. NOT FOR PRAYERS.. BUT DEBATE AS A COMMUNITY STRUGGLES OVER ONE PLAN TO HELP VICTIMS OF THE HEROIN EPIDEMIC. GOOD EVENING. THAT PLAN CALLS FOR PUTTING A TREATMENT CENTER AT THE OLD CAMPBELL LODGE.. ON SKYLINE DRIVE NEXT TO COLD SPRING. 9 ON YOUR SIDE’S ASHLEY ZILKA IS LIVE IN COLD SPRING WHERE THE MAYOR ORGANIZED AN INFORMATIONAL MEETING. THE MAYOR CALLED A COMMUNITY MEETING TO DISCUSS THE DRUG TREATMENT CENTER.THIS LETTER SAYS THE CITY IS AGAINST THE LOCATION.BUT WHEN IT CAME TO TONIGHT’S TURNOUTPEOPLE HAVE SPLIT OPINIONS. WHAT STARTED OUT AS CALM ANGELO PENQUE (MAYOR CITY OF COLD SPRING) 03:10:58 “This is strictly about location. QUICKLY TURNED INTO A NUMBER OF PASSIONATE ARGUMENTS. 04:00:29 “You guys are talking about us recovering but you want to shut down the measures of hope of saving lives over a location, over a location. If Brighton didn’t have their location, I would have never made it to have a solution!” MAYOR: 03:11:31 “Let me repeat. We are not in any way shape or form, we are 150 percent about helping people recover.BRIGHTON CENTER ALREADY OPERATES AN ADDICTION RECOVERY CENTER IN FLORENCE TAMMY WEIDINGER (PRESIDENT AND CEO) 03:30:08 “We have not had one complaint from our neighbors.”THE NEW PROPOSED LOCATION IS ON A 55 ACRE SITE JUST ACROSS COLD SPRING’S CITY LINE… ON SKYLINE DRIVE.THE CEO OF THE BRIGHTON CENTER SAYS THE NEW CAMPUS WOULD HELP CUT DOWN ON A LONG WAITING LIST FOR WOMEN WHO NEED HELP. 03:30:24 “We have not had the kind of safety issues that I think some people are alarmed about.”A LOT OF PEOPLE SUPPORT THE NEW CAMPUS…04:15:00 “I think this is a great opportunity for us to provide a supportive community of families and residents around people who are fighting their addiction and want recovery.” BUT JUST AS MANY ARE AGAINST IT PEOPLE WORRIED ABOUT TRAFFIC, THEIR PROPERTY VALUES AND SAFETY.04:02:46 “They are all families. We have a ton of little children there. I am against the location.”03:52:51 “It should be in a location where it’s far way from a community that they can get access.” THE MAYOR SAYS HE RECOMMENDED SEVERAL OTHER LOCATIONS WITHIN CITY LIMITS FOR BRIGHTON’S NEW CAMPUS.BUT THE CEO SAYS THEY WON’T WORK.TONIGHT- THE MAYOR SAYS HE WILL TAKE THIS TO COURT IF NEED BE.REPORTING

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  1. Hmmmm, lets see. Who knows more about this? Someone who's been there or someone in a $2000 suit who won the popularity contest? Same contest……………the winner is not the smartest, just the most popular. Politicians are just polished turds with no brain. I love how the pussy defense these days is protect the children, the children. Anyone who uses that excuse is a turd too. Find a real excuse. Their addicts, not baby killers. Bet she has no job. Kids are shooting up the schools, thats why the cop car is out front of every one of them. #dumbbitch

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