Mayo Clinic Dr Amy Pollak AHA Well Woman Visit

– Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Pollak, a cardiologist from Mayo Clinic
in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re talking today about
women and heart disease. Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? And 90% of women have
one or more risk factor for heart disease or stroke. February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and the American Heart
Association is encouraging women to take a first step in
preventing heart disease by scheduling a Well Woman
visit for their heart health. So what do we do in a Well
Woman visit for heart health? We’re hoping to get a head to toe checkup of your heart and blood vessels. This is really a one hour
investment in your health and in your future health. Part of what we look at are
things like blood pressure, measuring your cholesterol,
looking at your weight, body mass index, and then a physical exam to see if we’re able to detect
any signs of heart disease. Sometimes, we can determine
if there’s cholesterol buildup in the carotid arteries or in
the blood vessels to the legs. The American Heart
Association estimates that 80% of all cardiovascular
disease can be prevented, and certainly, we’re all in
agreement that it’s way better to prevent a disease than to treat it after it really becomes a problem. As I mentioned, we’ll do some tests such as a cholesterol screening. Sometimes we do other evaluations like an EKG to help assess
what your heart health is, and occasionally we
need to do a stress test or other heart testing. I hope that you’ll consider
having a Well Woman check. If you don’t get it scheduled in February, aim to get it scheduled
sometime this spring, and that way, together we can really take important steps to help lower the risk of heart disease for women.

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