Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care

We’ve been evolving for more than 12
years a fantastic relationship between Arizona State University in the Mayo
Clinic. As we begin trading notes with ASU we started on this long and bold
vision to create a national medical school. We do this by basically
reimagining the physician of the future. The physician of the future is not only
scientist, doctor, healer, designer but also engineer, economist, administrator,
thinker, problem solver, community engager, all those things together. What if we
took a whole generation of physicians that are not only taught in the
important skills of diagnosing and treating illness but also in how to keep
populations healthy, how to keep people healthy, how to work in teams to
measure the system that they’re in and understand it and improve it. You’d say
that’s a superhuman thing for someone to do well you know that’s why they’re
called physicians. What we’re doing is we’re attempting to greatly enhance
their training and education and experience. So the hope is that these
graduates will be disruptors that change healthcare outcomes at the social scale,
change healthcare outcomes at the individual scale, change the cost of
healthcare at the national scale to help us to be able to afford this fantastic
medical care that we all would like. The hope and the vision is that by bringing
together the numerous disciplines of the nation’s largest and most innovative
University, Arizona State University with the Mayo Clinic, a globally recognized
brand in healthcare, we will have solutions to healthcare problems that
are actually hard for me to imagine right now. ASU and Mayo coming together
are a new disruptive force to medical outcomes, ideas, new ways of moving
forward, new ways to integrate research and teaching and clinical practice to
make all those things happen.

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