MaxFund Animal Shelter & Clinic

This is the Colorado Charities Channel We wanted to tell you about The MaxFund
Animal Adoption Center, or more commonly know as Maxfund. The MaxFund Animal Adoption Center was established
in 1988 to provide medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and to seek out
new homes for these animals once they have recovered. The MaxFund provides emergency
care and a home for injured animals until the owner is located or a suitable home is
found. This service is provided, without cost, to the caring person who notifies the MaxFund.
The MaxFund is a true no-kill shelter. They also provide low-cost vaccinations, pet food,
and spay/neuter clinics for pets of low-income families; no-fee adoptions for senior citizens
and AIDS patients; and a therapy program which takes pets to visit senior centers, the VA
Hospital, and nursing homes. Maxfund is located @ 720 W 10th Avenue in
Denver, Colorado. Their EIN is 84-1116882 You can find links in the description below
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