Max & Ruby: Max’s Pinata / Ruby’s Movie Night / Doctor Ruby – Ep.71

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] RUBY:
The East Bunnyhop
Round-the-World Fair really is like going
around the world, all in one day! It sure is, Ruby! I want to
remember it forever! Me too – that’s why I got this
Polynesian doll. She’s my souvenir from the fair! RUBY:
Awwwww… She’s beautiful! We should get a souvenir
too, don’t you think Max? [gulp] A souvenir is something
you bring home to help you remember a
special place you visited. See? Every time Louise looks
at this beautiful doll,she’ll remember her day at
the Round-the-World Fair!
[munching noise] Now, where should we look
for the perfect souvenir? Wherever you look,
you’d better hurry. The fair’s almost over and there
aren’t many souvenirs left! ♪[Mariachi music] ♪[gasp] You’re right, Max. The Mexican booth is a great
place to look for a souvenir! Bye Louise! Good luck Ruby! Look at this beautiful doll
in her Mexican costume! She’s perfect,
isn’t she Max? Is that blindfold on
tight enough, Roger? Uh huh! Roger’s going to try
to hit this pinata! With this stick,
right Roger? Uh huh! A piñata is a very
popular Mexican tradition at birthdays and fiestas. It’s full of treats! If he hits the pinata
and breaks it open by the time the music stops, he gets all the treats and
prizes that fall on the ground! Right Roger? Uh huh! Pinata! Pinata! [laughs]
Pinata! Pinata! [chuckles] Ready, Roger? Uh huh! [Mariachi music] [grunting] Come on Roger! [grunting] It’s harder than it looks! You can do it! [grunting] Aww! [music stops] Nice try Roger! You came really close to
hitting that pinata, Roger! Uh-huh! Pinata! Sure, you can
give it a try – but first let’s
buy a souvenir! Enjoy your doll! Oh no! Do you have another
Mexican doll Rosalinda? Sorry Ruby, that
was my last one! Oh. Well, there must be other
great souvenirs at the fair. Come on, Max! Katie’s Japanese booth
has loads of souvenirs. [gasp]
Look! Oooh! What do you
think of her? You’re right. She’s not quite as perfect
as the Mexican doll, but she does have
a pretty dress! It’s called
a “Kimono”, Ruby. And the belt that wraps
around it is an “Obi”! I think she’d like my other
dollies, don’t you, Max?PINATA!Sorry Katie – gotta go! I thought Ruby wanted that
doll, but I guess not! That’s called a kimono! Whoa, missed again! Pinata! You can try it as soon
as we buy our souvenir. We have to hurry before
somebunny else buys her! [sigh] She’s almost as nice as
the Mexican doll we wanted, so I’ll be just
as happy to get – Katie? Where’s that doll
in the kimono? Oh Ruby! I’m sorry. I just sold it. I would have kept it for you
if I’d known you wanted it! That’s okay. Maybe you’ve got another
doll that’s just as nice? I don’t have any other dolls… But last time I looked, Candi had some nice
ones at her booth! Thanks Katie! Pinata! Look at these pretty dresses! This is called a Sari. It’s made from one
piece of cloth! See? You wrap it around your waist and drape it over
your shoulder! The colours are
so beautiful. I don’t know how we’re
going to choose just one!♪ [Mariachi music] ♪Hmmm. I think the red one. What do you think, Max?Pinata!Oh no! Pinata! Don’t worry. You’ll be able to take
a turn in a second. Candi’s got three
dolls to choose from… [gasp] [sigh] There were three
to choose from! Pinata? You know, Max, it
was such a fun day, I think we’ll remember it
even without a souvenir. So let’s go see if you can
break open that pinata![Max laughs]Well Roger, you had your chance. I guess it’s time for someone
else to give it a try! Uh huh! Hi Ruby. Did you find a souvenir? No – I guess we will
just have to remember how much fun
the fair was without a souvenir. Ready Max? ♪[Mariachi music] ♪Come on Max!
You can do it! Go Max! Whoa, nice moves! You got it Max! [cheering] YA! Looks like you got your
souvenir, after all, Ruby! Awww,
thanks Max! She’s exactly
what I wanted! I would have found
her earlier, if I’d just let
Max hit his! Pinata! Popcorn! Unh unh, Max! It’s for our
special Movie Night! Don’t worry – it won’t be too
long till movie night starts. We’ve never watched a movie
outdoors, under the stars. It’s going to be a
night to remember! [chuckles]
Oh, I’m sure it will be! [laughter] Popcorn! Not yet! No popcorn ’til Movie Night! [sneakily]
Popcorn… What else can I do to get ready? You could get out
the ingredients for my special lemonade. You remember what they are? Of course! Lemons, sugar, water, ice… And my special ingredient? BOTH:
Mint! [chuckling] [sneakily]
Popcorn… Now, lemons and mint…. Here they are. [gasp] The popcorn is for Movie Night. We have to wait until the guests have arrived
and the movie starts. Why don’t you come outside and help Grandma
and me set things up. [sigh] I put out everything
for your for your lemonade, in the kitchen. [sneakily]
Popcorn…Thanks, Ruby.And I’ve just finishedgetting the
projector all set up. Here, I’ll show
you how it works. See this little
knob here? Uh huh. If you turn it this way,
the light goes on like this. [gasp] Max!
What are you doing? Popcorn. It’s not Movie Night yet. We have to wait till
Louise to gets here. Well, I’d better get inside and finish making my special
Movie Night Lemonade. Okay, and I’ll put the sheet
up for the movie screen. And I don’t want to see you
getting into that popcorn ’til we’re all watching
the movie, okay? [sighs] This sheet will make
a perfect screen to watch the movie on,
don’t you think, Max? Max? [chuckles] [sighs]
Little brothers! Popcorn? You can’t have
the popcorn yet. Louise hasn’t arrived and
there’s still lots to do! Why don’t you play
in the sandbox while I finish
setting up? Thanks Max! [sneakily]
Popcorn… There! That’s going to be perfect! Hmmm… it would be perfect if
it wasn’t so crooked. There!
Much better! [humming] [sneakily]
Popcorn! [gasp] Hmm!
I thought I fixed that. Oh well! [grunting] Whoa! Whooa… whooooo.. whooooa! [gasp]
Max! The popcorn is for later! Popcorn? Why don’t you
play over there until it’s time to
watch the movie? Now I’ll get this sheet back up where it’s
supposed to be. [gasp] [sneakily]
Popcorn… RUBY:
Perfect! Everything is ready. As soon as Louise gets here,
Movie Night can begin. Be careful,
Can’t Sit Up Slug! You’re going to be
watching the movie sideways if we don’t
straighten you up! [chuckles] [whispers]
Popcorn! [gasp] What happened? [gasp] Oh no!
The movie is ruined!LOUISE:
Am I in time
for Movie Night?
I’m coming, Louise. I hope you haven’t
started the movie yet. There were some… technical difficulties. And we can’t watch the
movie I wanted to show. [sigh] I wanted this to be
a night to remember. It will be! Huh? Look Ruby! [chuckles]
Making a shadow play is even more fun than
watching a movie! [chuckles] A shadow play! That is a fun idea! And then little
brother Max, sneaked behind his
big sister’s back with his bow and arrow! Oh that’s funny!
[chuckles] Ruby couldn’t stop the arrow,
and it broke the film in half! So Ruby and her
little brother Max made a shadow play for
their grandma instead! The end! Bravo! Did you really like it, Grandma? I loved it! The only thing that
could make it better is a nice big bowl of… Popcorn! Vroom! Vroom! Don’t worry,
Can’t-Sit-Up Slug. Doctor Ruby will have you
sitting up in no time. There.
All better! [chuckles] And Sally Swims-a-lot, you say you’re having
trouble hearing? Here’s your problem! You forgot to take
your earplugs out after you went swimming. Is that better?Vroom! Vroom!Having dollies as
patients is fun,but I know what
would be even better!
A real live patient.Someone like… Max? Hmmmm. He must have gone inside. Whew! Grandma! Hello Ruby. Or should I say
Doctor Ruby! That’s right. And how are you
feeling today? I’m fit as a fiddle! That’s too bad. [coughs] But I do feel a bit of
a tickle in my throat. You do? That’s great! I mean…
[clears throat] this could be serious. It’s a good thing you
came to Doctor Ruby! Come right this way. “Coughs and sneezes
spread diseases.” You’re going to need
a full check up! Whatever you say,
Doctor Ruby. Say AHHHHHH! AH AH AH AH AH AH AHHH! Hmmmmm. Pulse…normal. Heartbeat…
like clockwork! Ooh.
That is good news! Hmmmm. Dr. Ruby says: What you need is a good
dose of milk and cookies until you feel
all better. [gasp]
Cookies? Cookies? Sorry Max, cookies are
only for patients – to help them feel
all better. No measles, no chicken pox –
no cookies! [sigh] [chuckles][door shuts]Here you go Grandma. Milk and cookies! [laughs]
Just what the
Doctor ordered! Oh! I didn’t write
down your symptoms. How will I know
when you get better? Hmmm… Now where did I put my
clipboard and marker? There’s my clipboard! But where’s my red marker? Cookies! Aha! Thanks for finding my marker. Oh dear. You got red ink all
over your hands! You even have dots
on your face! How did you manage
to do that? It almost looks like
you have the measles. [gasps] Luckily, Doctor Ruby
always carries wipes! And it’s
washable marker! Here, you finish
cleaning yourself while I check
on my patient. Cookies? Cookies are only
for patients – to help them feel
all better. Now, how’s that tickle
in your throat, Grandma? Much better thank
you, Doctor Ruby. Good. But I think you’d better
rest up a little longer just to make sure. [chuckles]
Whatever you say,
Doctor Ruby![clatter, sirens]Uh oh! Sounds like I’m needed
in Emergency right away! [siren][gasp]Oh my! Ambulance Driver Max! This is no time to
lie down on the job! Red Rubber Elephant
has bruised his trunk and Hairy Tarantula has broken
legs – all six of them! I need you to get these patients
to the hospital – stat! Is there anything I can do?Don’t worry.Doctor Ruby is in control. And it looks like you’ve got
a good assistant there too! Luckily there were
no serious injuries! But I’m going to need
more milk and cookies. I could go get those for your
other patients, Dr. Ruby. Thanks, Grandma! [chuckles]
Ok. Cookies? Unh unh, Max. Cookies are for patients –
to help them feel all better. [sneakily]
Cookies…[loud crash]Oh! Max! You can practice
bandaging another time. Right now I need all my
bandages for my patients. Six legs is a lot! Doctor Ruby, I think you
might to look at Max’s elbow. [gasp]
Max, you scraped
your elbow! That needs one of my
extra special bandages! Stat! Good job, Doctor Ruby! Well done! My first real patient! How do you feel? [munching] All better!

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