Match Day 2018: A day of destiny for Stanford’s medical students

On my desk there’s a box and the box has an inscription on it attributed to Lord Chesterfield. And the inscription is that in order to discover new oceans you have to have the courage to lose sight of the shore. We’re currently at Berg Hall at Stanford School of Medicine and today is Match Day which is the day when everyone who’s graduating finds out where they’re going for the next three to seven years of their medical training for residency. We put our lists in in February. And now we magically get to open an envelope and find out where we’re going. It’s a big and wonderful and exciting and thrilling culmination of all the work that we’ve put in over the years at school. put in over the years at school.
I have my whole family in town, mom, dad, two I have my whole family in town, mom, dad, two younger brothers and my aunt who is an ICU nurse and one of my inspirations in medicine. We’re very proud of him, very proud of his accomplishments. Really. Yeah. Wherever he goes we’re fine. It would be very unusual if were to end up at the same place just because, um, yeah, there’s — Programs are small. And there’s two of us. This clock is precise. You cannot open that envelope until this countdown gets to zero. So remember that. When you get the envelope you’re tempted to look…to try to look inside — You cannot look at that envelope until 9:00 a.m. which is when this countdown gets to zero. OK everyone, if you wouldn’t mind going to a calm spot. We are at six…five…four…three…two…one… As fate would have it… We’re both going to UCSF, which is great because I think, you know, we both love being in the Bay Area and it’s so nice to justbe able to stay for another four plus years. It was meant to be, to stay together, I guess! When you think about this next step, this next port-of-call on your journey through life, I’m confident that, wherever you matched, it’s going to be an opportunity for you to grow, to develop and to make contributions.

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