Mastocytosis – Testimonial from Angel Longevity Medical Center

hi my name is Angel I have was diagnosed
with Mastocytosis which is a blood disorder and there is no cure for
it, just a lot of symptoms. I was really struggling with digestion issues, fatigue
was my number one issue. I was not able to deal with stress very well, any
stressful situation even just getting cut off on the freeway, caused me to
spend the rest of the day in bed. I had gone to my regular doctor’s my
oncologist, therapist’s, psychologist’s, all of them just wanted to give me medicine.
The medicine was not helping long term it was not making me feel better.
It actually made me worse. I had low energy, depression, so they said, they
tried to put me on bipolar medication, adderall, like anything that
they could give me for medicine they tried, and all of it just made me worse.
I came here Dr. Mathur put me on an ozone therapy to detox my blood which helped
almost instantly and a vitamin C drip that I could feel each week was helping
me a lot with my energy. She did all the tests to figure out what I needed
as far as balancing my hormones any thyroid issues that I had, my metabolic
typing to help me eat the right foods and nine months later I’m definitely
feeling pretty much back to normal which has been about a decade for me. She’s
helped me realize that you do not need to be on medication to deal with stress,
anxiety… She helped me balance all of that with
natural options and herbs and I actually do not have to nap during the day.
I’m able to get back into working now. I’m able to do more things with my kids.
I am not sick anymore. I’m really happy and I want to thank Dr. Mathur. Thank you.

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