Mary Greeley Hospital Partnership Puts Patients First

We had an inpatient rehab unit. What we found was we had several days every quarter that we would close the unit. My acute staff were very busy seeing patients
and there were often times when we couldn’t afford to see a patient for 3 hours a day,
so we would seek skilled placement for them because we knew we couldn’t provide the care. Kindred’s well known in the country for post-acute
care services, so I think it was a natural fit to reach out to somebody with Kindred’s
reputation and with their knowledge and expertise and partner with them. An acute rehab unit, generally with the way that we are reimbursed, it is outcome-driven. One of things that our team focuses on is
quality and outcomes. And when we focus on quality and outcomes, the financial results come. When we look at the quality outcomes for patients, it’s been just an extraordinary improvement over time. The Kindred therapists provide a level of
care that is so specialized as to what they do, we wouldn’t have that otherwise. It’s pretty clear that Kindred, because of
some of the dedicated resources they have, can provide better education for our staff,
more knowledge of the acute rehab world. They’ve also developed some technology that I think is going to be extremely important for patients and families to help mark progress. Our discharge-to-home rate is much higher than it was previously. I don’t think we could recommend Kindred enough. They’re able to bring all the tools and skills
that they have to bear, but also understand that they do that in a way that fits with
the culture of the organization. We make sure that the partnership is a seamless
transition. We do it in a way where it’s very transparent to the partner. But the community and the patients don’t notice any change whatsoever. In healthcare today, everything has to be
measured. You have to be able to demonstrate your value. I think Kindred does a really nice job of
doing that. Continues to provide us meaningful information on outcomes, both in terms of cost and in terms of patient outcomes and in terms of market share, that help us sort of reaffirm our decision that Kindred has been a really good partner.

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