Mary Ellen: What were the important milestones in rehabilitation?

About six months after her accident, we went
to a different rehab center, and they had an outpatient area that was strictly for people
with spinal cord injuries, and it was set up more like a gym or health club than it
was a hospital. And just walking in there you got a totally different feel. The director
was a C5-C6 quad himself, he was in a wheelchair, and you just saw people who were physically
strong in varying ways who very determined, and who were going about their lives. And
they were healthy, and they were laughing and they were joking, and I think we saw that
and we thought, “Okay,” and Molly saw that. And they worked her hard; she was an
athlete and she wanted to be worked hard. And they treated her like the normal teen
she felt still was. And I think that after that we felt okay, we can do this. Subtitles by the community

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