Mary Cushman, MD- Medical Director, Thrombosis/Hemostasis Program – The UVM Medical Center

Hi, my name is Dr. Mary Cushman. I am a
hematologist and director of the thrombosis and haemostasis program. I see a lot of patients who are young, who have decision-making to do that may involve the rest of their life for chronic disease and for me the choice of what
course to take really has to come from them and I view myself as facilitator so
I’m an educator so I will teach them the pros and cons of different options and
help facilitate them making a decision on what to do. I really don’t like to say
to a patient: “This is what you have to do.” I like to give them options and so, to me,
that’s really the crux of what medicine is all about: you know there’s a lot of
science backing up medicine and how we advise our patients what course to take
but ultimately medicine is an art that really needs to be individualized to
each patient What we’re able to do in that context is
to bring the latest research right to the patient you know we can be over at
the University doing our research and publishing our work and then take those
findings right over here to the hospital where we can walk into the room and say
“You know what? I just published a paper “that has to do with exactly the situation
you’re facing and here’s what I found in” “my research and how it can help you.” And it is really a dream to be able to to do that for patients.

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