Maro Goes to the Hospital 🐾 Vlogmas Day 23

Good morning guys, welcome to Vlogmas Day 23 We’re just getting ready to go to the kitty hospital, Maro’s all ready. He’s been sitting in his cage all morning ready to go Are you excited? Wanna go? Wanna go to the hospital? They might have to stick something in your bum, I’m sorry I couldn’t get a poop sample, my friend told me they like them to be less than three hours old He pooped last night, and it looked normal, which is really good, but there’s nothing this morning So we don’t have anything we can take with us, but thanks to the really helpful comments that you guys left I heard that I can just take him in without one and they can like Scoop something, the q-tip or something if they need one, so we’re gonna try and do that. Are you ready Maro? It’s gonna be a great day I’ll get you some snacks oh He slept with me all morning, he was so cold last night Three hours later Finished. Maro, snack time? So good news, they didn’t find anything wrong with him. I guess that’s a good thing It’s still kind of worrisome though, because obviously it’s not normal to have blood in your poop But so we took him in there, and it was a new doctor that he had never seen before, I didn’t recognize her name But she was super sweet, and I was really really happy with her We’ve taken the cats into this vet a few times, but it’s usually a different doctor that they see, because the doctor switch up depending on the day and I had one before that I didn’t really like. He was really rough with the cats, and they were really uncomfortable with him but this lady was super nice and Maro did really well, he didn’t seem nervous with her at all She asked me a couple questions like how he’s been feeling, how much he’s been eating and drinking et cetera, and I said everything’s normal Except with a little bit of blood that we found in his poop for the past two days But actually last night’s poop was normal. Yay It was- it looked totally normal and there was no blood in it, so that was a good sign She said it was most likely something that’s irritating him, and she asked if I had switched up his food or anything And we haven’t, like we’ve been giving him some new treats here and there, but I feel like it’s not enough To irritate him, but maybe we should stop giving treats for a while together and just see uh First she took his temperature, and there was nothing wrong with him temperature-wise And then she stuck her finger up his butt and I was so worried that he was gonna be So angry with that because he usually hates the temperature thing and, but he was really good. He just sat there. He was so good And she was feeling around for any bumps or lumps or anything abnormal in there And she didn’t find anything so that was good And then she scooped up a little bit of poop for a sample And she took that to the back and it took her about half an hour And she came back and told us that she didn’t find anything Wrong with the poop either. Big thank you to you guys who left comments saying that you work out of vet’s office Or you know somebody who does and you gave me advice and stuff I really appreciate it you guys It’s really nice to hear different opinions about what I should do So I’ll show you what the, the poop test says and You let me know what you think, if you think that I should take him back in for some kind of different test, like If this wasn’t thorough enough or something Let me know and I will. She thinks that there’s nothing to worry about, but I’m always- I’m always up for like double checking and like Doing all the tests. So if you think there’s something else that I should do to get him checked out, let me know. He’s all Cozied up now. He must be exhausted Did good today Ah, good boy. He was so good, he was mostly scared in the car He was howling in the car and as soon as we got into the vet, he quieted down. He was really good after that Especially with seeing the doctor oh, oh he’s a good boy. Okay, let’s see, so this is color, smell hardness And those were all normal Over here, they were looking for eggs, like worm eggs and there was nothing This one’s looking for bugs, I guess, and there was nothing and this was looking for any type of bacteria that shouldn’t be in there, and no problems there, and This last test was looking for any traces of blood and they didn’t find any blood in there at all, so that’s what made her think that it was just like a One-time thing and he should be okay now, but let me know what you guys think Since today was a very cat-themed video I figured we finished off the video with my cat Christmas hat, which I’m happy. I found another reason to wear Flashback to vlogmas last year with Taylor, she got this for me, and yeah We’re gonna finish off the video by unboxing my Pusheen subscription box from Clara. Thank you again Clara You’re so sweet I’m so excited to open this. I’ve actually never seen an unboxing of the Pusheen subscription box But I’m amazed at how heavy this is. It’s really heavy like there’s something Substantial in here.
This box is so cute. I hope I can find something to use this for after Whoa Oh Everything’s so cute. Where to start? Oh my god. Okay. Let’s start with this because it says “pancakes” Hmm, oh, it’s the Pusheen pancake pan and it can be used on electric stoves, that is perfect I didn’t know I needed this in my life until now and it’s like it’s sturdy. This is heavy That is so cute. Let’s look at this. This is really cute Pusheen box exclusive Toadstool Pusheen, I wonder if there were different ones in each box That’d be fun I love it It’s so cute look at the little tail. I love how it’s vinyl, I love vinyl figurines. All of this is going to Korea I’m just gonna have a house full of Pusheen stuff now Thanks to you Clara. Thank you Aww, Pusheen sweater. Aww It’s a fall themed sweatshirt Aww, it’s so cute. A little blanket Ooh it’s a bath mat Even better! I love it How perfect this is for our new house?
Only problem is we have one of those weird Korean bathrooms, so it’s like toilet sink Shower all in one room, so I’m not sure where I could put this, maybe in front of the toilet I’ll try and find a place though cuz I love it What is this? I love how it’s all house stuff. This is so perfect This looks really cute. It’s got little pom-poms on it. Aww So adorable, look at that pillow cover It’s a really soft-feeling fabric – um so far this box is amazing The hell, this is the best subscription box I’ve ever seen. This is a pen, I’m assuming. Little Pusheen pen, it’s really nice how everything matches. I love the mint and pink theme No way, what? A shower curtain? I’m not gonna unfold this, because I just want to pack it up like this and send it straight to Korea But on the little info card here We can see what it looks like. There’s the shower curtain right there, a fall-themed shower curtain, again in the pretty mint color Two things left A little notepad And Another fall-themed Pusheen plushie. This box must be seasonal. Oh my god, do they send to Korea? I was so sad when they wouldn’t send one to me in Japan, I wonder if they send to Korea Probably not if they don’t send to Japan, but like I really want to sign up for this now Oh, it is seasonal, apparently their winter box is shipping now. Nooo, ship me one. Ohh they ship to Japan now And not Korea. Are you kidding me? Hey Pusheen box Please start shipping to Korea, because I will order it and advertise for you. K thx. It’s promising that they now ship to Japan, so it looks like they are increasing the countries they ship to. Hopefully they can swing something there for Korea, that would be great. Let me like zoom in on everything I showed you guys, but it’s all Super nice quality. It’s really cute. It’s all useful stuff I’m so pleased with this. So we got a beautiful mint pillow case shower curtain, notepad, sweatshirt, plushy vinyl figure A pancake pan, a pen and a bath mat, and a really cute box that I will find a use for This is so cool. Thank you so much Clara. I’m so stoked for everything in my new house Luna is watching me unbox from up here the whole time Are you jealous of my Pusheen box? Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s video, short and sweet. I will see you again tomorrow I’m just super relieved that Maro seems to be okay, and there’s nothing wrong with him. I was really really worried about him Tomorrow, Keyboard-san and I will be doing our annual Christmas tradition There’s something we do every year here for Christmas, so I’ll be sharing that with you guys tomorrow I hope to see you then. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday. Bye guys. Thanks for watching

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  1. So glad Maro is ok. I have a small dog and I get really upset when he's sick. I know how you feel.
    By the way, I love the lipstick you're wearing. Could you tell me which brand it is please?
    Loving your vlogmas vids! 🤗

  2. It’s so weird for me that it’s weird for YOU to have a single bathroom with everything in it 😂 it’s much more practical

  3. This happened to my Siberian and I had to give him probiotics and feed him expensive cat food with no grains and fillers.

  4. My cat Oliver was puking/pooping red. & we brought him in & they found nothing wrong. A couple days later it dawned on me It was the dye from his food. Once we switched foods he’s been better ever since! & he was only on the new cat food for a week.

  5. I have a suggestion for the bathmat. If part of the flooring is unsealed plank (I.E. in the kitchen like in my American apartment!) put it in front of the sink if you accidentally splash while cooking/cleaning up!

  6. One time my cat had blood in her poo and I phoned the vet and they said if it's a one off it's probs fine…but it continued for a few days so took her in and the vet didn't do any tests, just said that it sounds like gastroenteritis (an infection from eating or drinking something in the garden) and I had to give her antibiotics tablets and sensitivity food for 2 weeks I think and it cleared up.

  7. Cat themed are the best videos. Maybe he had hard poop and that caused mini laesions in his rectum. Was the poop with the blood abnormaly hard? If that is the case I wouldn‘t worry to much 🙂 merry Christmas Sharla!!

  8. I always wanted this , the pusheen box, but it's so expensiveee, and I was afraid it would get stuck at the custom house, since it's so heavy as well

    Glad Maro is all right 🙂

  9. Pusheen box is trolling you XD. But that box is so adorable I feel like subscribing too. How awesome a Pusheen house themed would be.

  10. I can't belive Maro willingly gets into his carrier, my cat bolts when he sees it!

    Sharla, my boy also has long hair and my vet has told me on a few occasions that blood can be caused by passing fur. They injest a lot of fur!!

  11. They don't ship to my country either ;-; … who am I kidding, most ppl don't ship to my country T-T BTW sharla, i'm so happy that Maro it okay!!

  12. I love pusheen Box so much! I’ve received it for the last year, and have been happy with every box but by far my favorite have been the Fall one you recived and the winter one that just shipped. My house is literally full of pusheen now but I don’t see myself stopping the sub any time soon. I really feel it is the best quality box I’ve ever subscribed to.

  13. You can always put the mat by the bathroom door, either side.

    Ugh that box was too cute.

    Glad Maro seems to be doing better.

  14. I'm glad Maro is ok. I love watching your videos. I am going to miss getting my morning tea and watching your videos everyday. Thank you for brightening my day.

  15. I don’t think they could say there are no bacteria that shouldn’t be there in half an hour I don’t know if vets are different but in the lab I work in we culture stool for 3 days and read the different plates on day 1 …2 …3 however I think she’s checked the sample under the microscope which is a good indicator of Ova cysts and parasites which I think the the second test was cysts 🙂 I think your good to trust the results and keep an eye on him as usual ^_^ sorry if that’s a bit wordy but hopefully it gives you a bit more insight into what’s happened behind the scenes xx

  16. You're right thats like the best box ive ever seen also lol. I love all the items that are actually useful! XD Wish other subscription boxes were like that!

  17. Not sure about cats, but in humans, especially kids, if you suddenly find bright red blood in poop (ESPECIALLY if it's streaked in the poop like a line), then it's probably from a little tear on the anus when pushing out a big, dry poop. Big, dry poops are likely from dehydration or a dietary change. In such a small animal, I would put my money on the dry winter air being enough to cause some mild dehydration. If his poop was hard with a little streak of blood on it, I would try giving him more wet food than dry for a couple of days and see if he does better. Maybe encourage more water drinking (not sure how to do that with cats….)

  18. Really, really glad Maro is okay!

    As for the Pusheen Box, I've had a really bad experience with them personally. My winter box just came two days ago and half my items were defective…I was really upset to say the least. Last time I had a broken item they replaced it once I provided proof and shipped it to me free. Which is great and I really appreciated it. So, I hope they will either give me a refund this time or replace my items. I've decided I will not renew my subscription because of the many defective items, the fact you can buy most of the "exclusive" items in stores (example: the pen in the fall box can be bought at Hot Topic, it's just holding different foods), the fact most of the stuff I don't even use, the overall price vs quality, and lastly the fact that if I really wanted one item from the box then I could just buy it off Ebay.

    Overall, this is just my experience with Pusheen Box, I know many people who love the box and use every item but I also know the ones with similar situations like me. If I ever do buy another Pusheen Box I will defiantly wait for all the spoilers to come out so if I can see if it's worth it to me. I recommend My Subscription Addiction (.com) to see the spoilers 🙂

  19. Man, I'm sooo bummed!!! Pusheen isn't accepting anymore subscribers right now! ☹️ I really need this in my life!! lol I looove your bath mat!

  20. I hope Maro is ok? I wish you, your husband, Maro, the rest of the cats, and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

  21. I highly agree with Chelsea below me. They could see an active raging bacteria infection but the more rare bacteria's could be hiding out. But he likely has no bacteria …. I would not give the cats any treats at all for one entire week. Better yet, throw them out lol. 🙁 There could have been a small item in snack that was sharp and cut a tiny something on the way out. And Maro looks awesome now … and I wouldn't want that to happen again. I would give only their regular cat food. Also look up any food recalls asap. I lost a 2 year old dog to recalled food years ago. 🙁
    Hugs! Adore your kitties. Merry Christmas Sharla.

  22. I am so glad Maro is okay. I neeeeeed that Christmas hat. More subscription boxes. I am so tempted. Must resist. Merry Christmas.

  23. I am so glad Maro is okay. I neeeeeed that Christmas hat. More subscription boxes. I am so tempted. Must resist. Merry Christmas.

  24. I'm so glad Maro is okay/better! As a fellow cat mama, I completely understand. It's like having children, but they can never tell you what's wrong T.T it's so stressful. One of my previous pets, a dog, got bitten by another dog while in our own yard, but she gave no indication that she was hurt. We saw the bite, but she acted totally fine. -.-

  25. Aww, poor Maro. He hasn't been chewing any Christmas decorations, has he? My friend's cat got a bit sick from chewing on their Christmas tree…

  26. Usually my vet tells us to give 1 type of treat for 1 week and then another for the next week and then so on and so fourth…. that way if you’re giving that same treat for a week or 2… and it happens again you know which treats are causing it ☺️☺️ I hope that helps!!!!💕

  27. Sometimes, constipation can cause blood in stool. I have 4 cats and freaked out when I saw blood for the first time. If the cat looks like usual and is playing, that means nothing is wrong with him. If it is a one time occurrence once in while it might be constipation, just give him wet food.

  28. If it doesn't fit in front of your toilet, I would suggest trying in front of the kitchen sink. I always like having one there, especially when you don't have a dishwasher and have to stand there to do dishes.

  29. I can't believe how well behaved Maro is, my cat hates the vet! Also, how ironic that I'm watching this while cuddling a Pusheen plushie my friend made for me

  30. Oh noo, Pusheen box DOES ship to my country but they are not accepting new subscriptions now! Must be super popular! I had to sign up for the news letter though, this really is the best box ever! <3

  31. My cat had blood in her stool for months and it took a couple of fecal tests to see that she tested positive for Giardia. I would say to try and bring a poop sample when you see him poop and get it tested again for intestinal parasites.

  32. so glad to hear Maro is okay 💜 my dog sometimes gets blood in her poop, either when she holds it in for too long or some good just didnt agree with her, but shes happy and healthy 🙂 x

  33. I really love that you don't shy away from any of the details regarding Maro and everything! It's so informative and great!

  34. I'm pretty sure that if you ask the pusheen subscription box people to send one to you in Korea as a youtuber then they will do it

  35. My cat sometimes has blood in his poop or pee and ive taken him to the vet numerous times for tests and everything has always come back inconclusive and has been attributed to inflammation caused by potentially many things. Stress is definitely a possibility. My cat has this every now and then for like maybe a day or two at a time and only happens maybe once or twice a year and then goes away on its own. It does seem to be stress related as he doesnt have crystals in his urine or anything like that. I would try to just make Maro comfortable and be with him as much as you can if he seems to like that.

  36. Hi sharla! Im happy that everything is ok with maro😻 that pusheen box was awsome! Im signed up on the website when they will add more subs for the box because they didnt take any nee subs for now:( so ill wait! And sub for it the moment its aviable again 😺 enjoy the holidays❤️❤️❤️

  37. I'm relieved. Thank you for sharing. It might be some of the dry air in the winter and some hard food remnants that cut a little on his booty hole when coming out. I'm not a doc/vet but that happens sometimes with my dog if he has some soft uncooked bones like pork bone when it comes out. It heals pretty quick but if the blood is RED like bright red it most likely comes from the end/surface of the anus… if it's red and not mixed with the poop it means the red was just added to the poop, like at the end of the anus… if it was bleeding inside the large or most of the small intestine it wouldn't be bright red, it would just be mixed in with the waste/poop.

  38. Maro could've just been a little…stopped up… And strained a little bit (which would make the poop a little bloody). Happened to my kitties once. 🙂 Good that he's okay!

  39. I would say it might be a good idea to research whats used in the different treats and main cat food you bring into the house just in general. For my cat we found he had sensitivities for certain additives(that happened over time) that would cause him to have random bloody stools. Hope all is well.

  40. Wow, I think it is the best subscription box I ever saw! So many useful items in there !! Happy to see that Maro seems to feel better! Merry Xmas to you and keyboard-san !

  41. Hi Sharla, they have an IG account (pusheenbox), and if you ask them nicely, they may even ship to Korea… cos that’s how we started to get ours sent to Australia… they only just started, I believe under 2 yrs… but their boxes are amazing… I’m looking forward to when they’ll start doing purchases of past boxes… a lot of the items in there are either limited edition, limited to subscription only, and/or presale items… so we get them first! Woohoo!! Hope they’ll send to Korea 🌸❤️🤞🏼

  42. If you didn’t get a blood test done on your cat, you should probably do that because blood in the poop can be a sign of pancreatitis. I actually just lost my dog to that, so it can be pretty serious. I hope it really is nothing though

  43. You could get an adjustable tension-mount curtain rod for your new shower curtain to divide off the shower area of your new Korean-style bathroom.

  44. Make sure he is getting enough liquid, constipation could make his poops so hard that they hurt coming out. If he isn't drinking much water, try him with low sodium broth of some sort.

  45. I hope your days in Japan is all right. About health issue, also, I hope you are not having too much difficulty to talk with doctor, because medical terms are difficult for non-native speaker. best regards

  46. I'm very late to this vid, but I'm so happy Mr.Fluff is OK! Also, it is super epic that you get the Pusheen sub box. I'v been sucked in as well and there is always SO MUCH COOL STUFF INSIDE OMGGGG!!! ahem

  47. That used to happen to my cat and we found out that "teddy" my cat couldn't digested corn or gluten so he has to eat corn and gluten free and he also couldn't eat lobster because he would get blood in his poop too

  48. my cat would try eating bags so we keep them away but if she got one there'd be blood and pieces so watch out for that

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