Markiplier Plays 2 Point Hospital COMPLETELY WRONG

So this is 2 point hospital this is the game that is *clap clap clap clap clap* about *clap clap clap clap clap* HOSPITALS (echo) So we’re gonna get into this and we’re gonna make a hospital and we’re not gonna die a horrible terrible death This is where people go *clap clap clap clap* to get healthy and once they get healthy they *clap clap clap clap clap* Follow me on instagram @he_has_a_spoon pay me money. That’s how it works. When people go *clap clap clap clap* get healthy, they pay me {small claps} *clap clap clap clap* money. i get maahhny (money) Money and health. Make-a sense-a? Okay, here we go. I can’t hear a damn thing. Whoa, that’s, huh, does it hurt? I can’t… what the fuck I can’t hear anything. What? So..What is that? I can’t hear anything. Yeah, whatever I can’t hear anything is there supposed to be any sound in this? This is just a bunch of crap This a bunch of crap. This is what you would call crap. I’m Albert Crank,(?) I got no voice. Get the frick outta here. Alright, whatever. Okay, I’m sure the opening was great. I don’t give a fuck what my friends are doing. You think I give a shit about my friends? Go away friends. Alright, whatever. (nobody does) Hog sport. You can hear it now? Oh good for you. So can I. You’re not special. You’re not special at all. I can hear it too. And that’s all that matters. Are you ready to start building your first, fuck off fuck off. I know how to fuck off 😉 Fuck you! You piece of shit. Fuck you, Albert Crank! oodladdll moving the camera loodaloodaldoo I know. I’m aware. I’m aware. *”yaabuulbul” gibberish* Items. OK, reception, whatever, fuck off. I want people to go in the back. All right, here we go. Easy peasy, okay people are gonna have to go all the way… Here’s reception. All right, so people got to make the long journey All right want a system where we go Blake punya. No Sally mal for Wendy Bajor, you got it. All right, Wendy All right, listen, Wendy you piece of shit. Where are you? Where are you? I’m here no, Wendy look at me! Wendy Wendy look at me! Wendy, look at me DaMn It!! Wendy Wendy damn it. Look at me. You look at me when I’m talking to you There you go. Wendy you look at me Oh, there you are Wendy. Alright, room building? I don’t care. What are you talking about? All right, Wendy Now you stand over here in the corner in the naughty corner and you listen when I tell you *interrupts self* this is so loud Why is this music so loud? stop Stop. I; stop, I’m trying to mouse that; SToP doing here robas gp Okay, she’s never leaving so we don’t need her door I Would like him to be able to walk right from the office into here and then walk out window, never mind Okay, I may ignore that why wouldn’t I want a window Here Why wouldn’t I want a window there? What do you mean it doesn’t look into the hospital? It’s in the fucking hospital What are you gonna? Whaddya, whaddya you talking about? Where else would you want a window? What people get naked in this? Why would you why would you do that? That doesn’t make any sense? This is so stupid What? All right fine, I guess here’s the peeping window where everybody can see in that makes sense office desk Yeah, okay Thailand Cabo, okay bin Extingo, kay plant Okay, where’s the? “Music and news” NO “of to point County” RICKY “you’re listening to us from the newly opened hospital” “Just turn up that volume because nothing drowns out the sound of sick people like the voice of a world-class DJ” Who the fuck are you?! “42 hours of music from the background Enjoy!” Okay, shut up and go away and Wendy, what are you doing?! Wendy what are you? What are you doing Wendy? Wendy, what the fUcK is wrong with you? Wait, and now everything’s in the goddamn middle of the office. No, that’s stupid Wendy god damn it. What happened to your desk? Did you eat it? He’s stupid. Okay, whatever. I guess we don’t need it All right. Dr. Chuck Boff. You got it All right, Chuck *siiigh!* What are we doing? It’s open for business. We don’t even have a reception desk. Goddamn. You ruined my day Oh you piece of shit. Oh, you stupid desk. Can I move this room? Edit move There and now you’ve got a window. All right, so you got that Fuck off with that Yes, we’re done There we go Stupid piece of crap. Okay, I’m gonna make a reception Right there Wendy get back to your desk right now We got a customer on the way. Customer. Oh, yeah. So what do we do? What do we do in this game? What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to make people better now? I’m sick my bladder Exploded I can’t believe it. I’ll go to this room now Let’s be Chuck coming here to Examine your bits. I’m gonna pop into my office here All right Pop on with this. Oh, wait, no. Oh I thought That’s not the way I put up the desk, all right, whatever don’t matter Wow Is that it only the pharmacy oh Shit get patient. Ooh, wait you wait right there lady you wait right there A Pharmacy, huh Let’s see Big. This is where *mumbles* this is gonna build like a CVS in this thing. All right, so that’s the pharmacy There’s the door. Drug mixer? *giggles* well well Yeah, give me the drug mixer, all right. Filing cabinet. Very important. Bin Equally as important Extingo, also important. Plant? Very important. And thats that then. Okay we’ve got our pharmacy. That seems about right. Is that gonna happen the whole goddamn game to five if I have to endure that bullshit I am going to stab somebody Okay. We need to hire a nurse Marcus spatula. You got it BLAP all right nurses in the pharmacy. Are we actually doing anything here? Are we actually making anything happen in that pharmacy? That might be a little small maybe a little bigger Was cliff wait hey Good idea for it. You have like false false paths Stuff like that people think they’re gonna be going to the pharmacy in reality. They just go to a dead end That’s what I wanted my pharmacy Yeah, yeah, you think you’re gonna get out alive. Nah, no way. I know how my pharmacy is just cavernous Just absolutely Cavernous, there we go Where’s the where’s the entrance? I don’t know, who knows who knows where it might be. I don’t know. I think that’s good enough All right pharmacy. Pretty good. They’re gonna die. They’re not gonna die. It’s not like they came in here on an ambulance They’re gonna be fine. Probably. Anyway, they’re probably gonna be totally fine. And why aren’t you moving faster? We obviously need more drug mixers. Where are the drug mixers? leaflet stand Snack machine okay drink machine. This is where you make the big bucks This is really where you make the big bucks. Oh, yeah. Nice sitter’s. Oh yeah, I Don’t feel like that should be something too proud of and you should be a lot less peppy than you’re steppin. It’ll attract more Yeah, you got cured good job janitors. Oh hell. Yeah TeX BuThUrT… Get in here Tex Jane grot yep. All right. Here we go Rose digestive sure thing nurse. We’re gonna get elect Alexa Mubble Items for the how do you get specific rooms for the items? Ah, Items, here we go more Scuse me? Oh I did it nevermind. Okay. Well, I got that underway It’s important to keep your staff and patients happy to ensure a hospital run smoothly. It needs more plants I don’t think I can actually put any more plants in this I have no idea what I’m doing plants.. Can make it like a haze and Lyga hedge maze kind of thing going on here Conditions at the Rotting Hill Hospital are getting worse every day Apparently patients are just as likely to die from sinkholes and crumbling ceilings as any diseases At least that’ll keep the huge day Okay, all right, thank you build a staff room I’d have space for a staff room How am I gonna build a staff room then size three by two? Oh my god. Oh Good god. Oh my god. I don’t know. What’s she doing? Hey, do you have something in your hands? Are you all right, can I help you? What is your deal? What are you doing, thumbing up everything? What’s wrong with you? Okay, so I need to get rid of these things Or I’m gonna make a room. I’m like a staff room BLAP easy peasy. I know where to make a break room and BLAP and if you guys could wait a second before you’re being assholes about it, couch already got that Refrigerator. Oh no is this up? This is some kind of a locker situation. There we go. Block the windows with the lockers Yeah, we didn’t need anything else. Anyway, I understand plant plant That’s entertaining for a break room Fire Extonger, no can’t do dart board. Okay, good enough. I did it Okay toilet Oh God, okay. There’s one in theres door Here’s one pooper, I can’t even fit one pooper in there. What are we talking about? Can’t fit one pooper Are you kidding me? What is garbage? Okay fine, then this goes here fill one pooper in here What are you kidding me? I can’t fit one pooper. Whatever. Okay, I need to get rid of this thing This go away this go away. God damn it. Not even room for one pooper Just let me build a pooper this year one pooper, please one pooper one Cinco Are you okay? It’s got a toilet it’s that’s all it needs. You don’t need to wash your hands Why would you need to wash your hands you don’t? done It’s got a poopy right there First again no my mistake. Anyway. Keep those fingers green Okay, whatever okay, man, I don’t even understand you okay the pooper is open where poop town USA What are you guys confused or something? What the hell are you confused about? I don’t understand what you’re confused about new illnesses general de god. I’m just trying to build my hospital Why do you keep adding new elements to this shit? I just want to build a nice hospital. I don’t have a good time I want to get duh Whatever cure two patients I did that I did that General Diagnostics. All right minimum room 3 by 3. Which space do I need? That’s gonna do it and I’ll do it that there get slapped on the old table there Let’s get two tables. So, you know couples couples Diagnostics. I can’t put two tables. Fuck you then Why did I need a three by three? There’s a lot of empty space. What a fuck do I need to put in there? I guess I’ll put a reception desk in here Put a pooper in here. Where’s my pooper? Okay I put it over in the now what if they got what if they got horrible pooping disease and they gotta explode the poop out Of their poop hole. I don’t even understand put a plant in there. You’re right And by you’re right, I mean shut up. There we go. Okay, all good in this neighborhood fast speed Can I go faster and whatever that’s fast speed really that’s fast speed. Whatever Ward unlocked. What does that mean? What do yah mean a ward?! What?! Build GP offices hire two doctors? Well, I can hire two doctors easy. Why do I need to build another office? Why can’t they share an office? Tex Buthurt is unable to get to where they want to be. You might need to range things to unblock his route I don’t think I need to do that. I Don’t think I need to do that at all. I think you need to shut up. That’s what you need to do You need to get a whole lot of shut up in your life. All right, fine, whatever this that helped All right. I had to shrink my pharmacy a little bit which I hate doing it, but I had to do it Apparently I thought I hired another doctor didn’t I hire another doctor? I thought I hired another doctor Amy tundra place There you go rooms GP There you go doc and Cabinet and we’re good got it nailed it can it’s a little wrong, but that’s okay. Okay doing good How big is the pharmacy not big enough, but I don’t have enough space for it So God do what you got to do, you know, we’ve cured ten patients in total Wow Whoa, golly. Gee Any more janitor to save the plants are they dying? No, I guess I do need more janitors You’re right. When you write you write when you write you write and you write you write you write What is the Q about well, I was trying a bit. I was I was trying to make more won’t let me make another I Can’t make another I want to make another one but it won’t let me make another one even I know the queues long I’m trying to Well, let me know. I’ll just hire more nurses. I guess. Maybe that’ll help Does that help I can’t make any more. I want to make more. Why does it not? Why can’t I I Want to make more why can’t I not you need a ward? Oh, I don’t want a ward I’ll be this award Oh Deluxe clinic. Oh, whatever God why do I need to build so much crap? Four by three. I have a room for that. Oh god, damn it. I gotta get rid of my maze I’m not gonna get rid of my maze. I don’t care who you are I’m not getting rid of my maze not getting rid of my maze There we go. Okay. Now the ward is gonna be back here Done there we go. I don’t know what this is all about, but they’re that Privacy pooper I guess Super pooper. Is this a pooper might be a pooper? OOP Abed poop bat poop Poop bed. Whoa bad done Ward’s done remove this There and then I have enough It said my level increased but it sounded like a bad thing, why did it sound like a bad thing? I got to build a deluxe clinic here for some reason don’t know why but here we go. Deluxe clinic BLAP Here we go. Get a door and get out. Whatever. This is. Oh Well, that’s a thing, all right, whatever got that I don’t know what that’s all about but That looks violent and I kind of like it because of that. How do you need should I put like two beds in here? Go on the pooping room. Oh, oh. Oh no. Oh god. No. Oh god. No, okay All right guys fine. I probably should have put two pooping beds in here really wasn’t smart about my leg. Yeah I want two poopers. There we go, and we’re done right? What the hell? There we’re done. Okay. Now we got to pooping beds We need another doctor. Okay, we need a doctor Anna BeEvEs There you go Beeveeses. All right Beeveeses is there. You didn’t add plants. you right When you write you write and you is right. Was that one gonna die? Well shit, huh sucks for you. Did you just go in the corner to die and you’re back up Oh They just kill them they just kill that man You’re gonna die now I know you’re gonna die I’m very aware that you are about to die. Yep treatment failed and you’re dead Well, I wonder why they freaking ripped your head off is this okay, is this fine is this fine? Is this is this just fine? Are we just gonna are we just letting this slide on this one do I? 🙌🙌 meme review (hehe) Okay, all right well then that’s nice boy, are you sniffing that plant smooth snog your nuts no Wow You are sad Okay, cure three patients of lightheadedness. It’ll happen. Maybe the light bulb is lightheaded No Is it is it really Wow? Are you sure about that? You think wait? Hang on maybe you’re not (INTENSE CAMERA ZOOM)saying that if they got light bulb on head that light headedness No, that went over my head (HAHAHAHAH) because I know get that thank you for point out to me That is very good of you Thank you HaRD 😩😩 For your help to me that I understand mine and brain no get my brain never get it would never get you know You know me and brain bad me and brain you wouldn’t bring good. That’s how you brain And I thank dear hospital administrator one-star hospital. Congratulations. Your hospital had been awarded a one-star rating That’s out of a possible three by the two-point Health Ministry I have retrieved your file from my bin to celebrate continue to develop your enterprise for further esteem and train kits I got Kadosh, I unlocked lower bollocks. I Didn’t know they could go any lower than what they were Fragrantly your fragrantly yours. That’s funny. That’s funny. All right. Let’s get out of here this place And if you happen to be in lower bullocks this morning watch out for the gathering of druids down the Broadband’s rang in a total coincidence The town will also pay host to a psychology convention today should all work out nicely What the hell? What the fuck were you talking about? Why were you so depressed the hell was that? Alright? Let’s go to lower ballsack psychiatry room That seems nice Okay, why would I want to go through the trouble of building this all again? I had a perfect place and now you’re saying that I got to do it all over again for some reason well Lutie duty, fuck you you be I don’t understand what I need to do here Can we just be purely psychiatry or do we have to have like a variety of stuff? Why can’t I just do one thing? Why can’t I specialize in just one thing? Why do I have to be a hospital that does everything? That’s a whole lot dumb. I don’t want to do that right here. I go. Anyway, alright Pharmacy time. Oh, God, I’m gonna make it a nightmare if it totals up to the area that 3×3 would be then it should be fine, right? What a load of bollocks am I right Okay got that. I know it needs a nurse. Shut up this guy no, too expensive this guy Alright, he’s there we need general diagnosis. That’s fine him three by three my god. What is the point? you’re right there and There, okay Good Karam ward or whatever that means let me block this doorway Apparently not Shit well fine. Then that’s gotta be an exit there that uh, ah, Blammo abalam Oh a blammo abalam Oh nurse station Right there and a screen right Perfect Right by the window so everybody can get a good view about a ward. Okay. What do you have? Oh God Mocks star that’s stupid Shut up. All right psychiatry Face away from me if you can. I don’t want to look at you while you’re sping stupid All right higher we need a doctor. Okay, dr. Duckworth Hey, you seem all right no you you seem fine Okay, what else we need we need a staff room all right staff room we’ll be right there Okay, that’s the staff room couch Done. All they need is a couch apparently staff room easy. He’s a PC. Okay toilet drug mixer too Drug Mix too you say? I don’t mind me a drug mixer too – all right Where is the bathroom right here? turlet Sink, you don’t need a sink. I Suspected that you did not and you do not Know washing our hands here. Click the drug mixer then the star. Well, that doesn’t seem right Yeah, whatever Shut up screw you do I need a janitor or something? Simon mackerel not too expensive All right, we got that. Okay, we’re good, right? Go fast mode Great. I’m a very I’m a very good hospital ER I’m like, I’m like the best hospitalized ER in the world plant is what I need. You’re right when you’re right. You’re right and you was right plant plant when plant plant Oh, come on man Dude, what the hell? Stupid a-hole. Okay. Are we good? What else do we possibly need in pans lab? What the what is the pans lab? Oh God damn it. Okay a pans lab Sure Whatever. They’re all my plans. What is that? What is this? Okay, I Don’t know what that is, but I love it. It’s gonna be horrible. Whatever. It is plant land plant or what else we Deluxe clinic. There we go. Good enough and Pretty good, what a nice Hospital I’ve got here man That’s real nice. Why do I need nurses? 20 nurses bad nurses too. Sweet. Okay, whatever. Oh, well, I need another one. Why do I need another one? All right Lester. Okay. There we go. I think we’re good Louie NYE and another doctor or something probably another doctor too expensive Okay, goody goody. Goody. Good. I think we’re good to go, right Okay, whatever they’re doing they’re doing whatever they’re doing own two buildings. Wait, what does that mean own two buildings? Why would I need another building? Why would I want another building? I don’t want to own another building. That seems oh, I don’t Tear down this lovely playground or this patch of dirt Do I take over the patch of dirt this patch of dirt or the playground? Well, goodbye kiss Sira But Dad I like swinging on the swings, can we go on the seesaw? Oh No Sorry son: Brock No playgrounds for any children cuz this guy’s gonna have the common courtesy to die outside of my hospital No, he’s gonna go somewhere in the hospital. Yep, right there by the toilets. Yeah, no one goes ever anywhere near those So why not? Maybe this guy needs to hurry the hell up? Hey review There you go. Nice raze for you, buddy You better work faster, though Because I hate you better than the first what are you talking about better than the first the pharmacy isn’t even girthy enough The pharmacy is not nearly girthy enough. I don’t even know what the hell is going on with this pharmacy It’s pathetic who says I have too many nurses and also, how dare they smooth Us numb there’s Norv I See you over there. Go back for seconds one more. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t though you’ve No, but I’ve got a patient now. Okay, I have no idea how this is gonna work but uh Okay Wow That’s pretty stupid highest priced janitor this guy’s gonna be a nightmare Nightmare of clean lack of girth is a major problem for pharmacies. I’m aware of this. I know this why don’t you uh, Why don’t you step into my office? Really frightening dimly-lit bleh Wait, no, not this this isn’t what I wanted. Damn it. God damn it. I wanted a GP’s office fuck that’s what I had. Here we go is what I wanted. Why don’t you Excuse me, I need to go get your file That’s nice, I need to hire a new doctor apparently. All right. So who’s the cheapest? All right Bella goop You go Bella goop Oh Next this is shout at the top of the lungs I’m practically dying. Well need help real bad Really weeds out the fakers, you know, if they can’t make the walk to the chair then they actually do need some help Can I tear is there in another playground I can tear down? That’s what I’m really looking forward to no plants. You’re right There we go All done, why do we need another doctor? What do we need other doctor? What happened to the doctor? I had thought I had a doctor whatever. Hey I think my hospitals failing pandemic patients There is a plant there’s a plant this is a lovely plant here Janek It was play where we need this please go 90 days without a death. Uh Yeah, that’s That’s gonna be a hard one. I don’t know if we can do that staff request Request denied. You know what? Red team meeting everyone gather like look listen I know you guys don’t want death for at least three months, but we just can’t have it. It’s not in the budget We can’t make it work. Hey, sometimes we all gotta pull up What is this shit all right, okay, here we go open The burp award Wow, oh my god I’m ready. I’m ready. Oh Oh Oh, that’s not us. I got an expensive janitor now. Come on. I’ve got a great janitor. I’ve got an incredible janitor This is bullshit. Oh Come on This is a load of crap better I’m a great employer. There we go. That’s what I thought lower ball sack. Hell. Yeah Hell yeah, I know desk no desk baby. Oh that one guy. Just had to die outside the bathroom god, damn it Okay bungle Meditec got no desk. Yeah, I doubt that. All right, most prestigious Okay, never mind then. How about Patients Choice Award? You know my patients. They love me Such a good hospital, right? We’re loved by the people Yeah Yeah I’ll take it. Don’t take it. I’ll take it. Yeah Oh They’d like some place to sit would they well, they can’t have it we just don’t have the room I spilled some Put some more plants celebrate squeeze one in here. Yeah, we can, you know, we can play this nice plants Hospital the place is goddamn. Nice. There we go. There we go. That’s looking good poster Okay, making so much money 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 All right, cool, okay. Goodbye warm greeting to you all this fine morning Especially those of you in fluttering we’re renovations have been completed on the bridge that leads to the town’s ancient castle Officials say people crossing over will no longer need to wear parachutes and lifejackets Just won’t be the same. I hate you radio, man. What’s all this tutorial bullshit? How do I get to the real stuff? All right, I’m gonna build build this one so good. I’m gonna build a hospital better than you guys have ever seen I’m gonna build the bestest Bestest hospital in the history of hospitals. Ooh, mine is gonna be I’m gonna tear down apartment buildings make the best Goddamn Hospital You have ever seen just wait just you fucking wait, I’m gonna catch him right at the entrance I want that booed ambush him with like yeah. Hello. Oh, yeah, just like smash him in there. Okay All right, and then as soon as they go here, you know what they’re gonna be hit with two luscious General Practitioners as his offices. They’re almost stanky with how lush they are. Nice conveniently placed filing cabinet I like it a nice bin for puking in when you get bad news about your death. I love it this one How do I copy can I copy? Here we go Easy peasy, but I’m gonna move this over here and conveniently place and by the door, all right Just that easy I’m gonna make the best fucking… Ever it’s gonna be the best everyone’s gonna be like, oh It’s gonna be good. Okay, just you watch this. Just you watch everybody. Shut up I want thigh Oh everyone’s like oh I’m Mark I can’t do nothing as I know you won’t you have no idea you have no idea This isn’t even my final form as they say on the Internet’s. Let’s go That’s what they say oh Yeah now that is what I call nice All right, okay everybody shut up Everybody shut up. Yeah, you know, you know I had to do it to him. You know, I had to do it to him You know that I had to do that to them. Hang on. Oh, it’s we’re just getting stanky in here We are only now just entering stank zone turlet turlet Sink the ship make the best fucking Hospital Everyone was all like no, there’s no way you can’t do it marks just an idiot shows who the idiot is and it’s you Make the best fucking Hospital you’ve ever seen I’ll get ready for this shit It has only just begun you thought that you thought that the slaughtering of how awesome my hospital is was done It is not even close to remarkably done. I’ve got this on lockdown General diagnosis. Oh, you know, you know, we got some general diagnosis reserved rooms, you know, what else they need plants Whoa. Whoa getting good in here. Hang on everybody. Shut up. Okay. All right. Okay, okay Yeah, okay Okay donezo got it. Nailed it. Okay done Okay, everybody. Hold on. It’s gonna be the best fucking Hospital you’ve ever seen in your life Deluxe Staff room deluxe. Well, I’m talking legit. I’m Talking too legit to quit the most legit break room you’ve ever seen in your life Lockers out of the wazoo. There we go. Okay, we got drinks machine We got not drinks machine. We’ve got a bin. We got a plant we got poster now That is that’s legit. I’m even gonna unlock a television Yeah. Oh Yeah, and a private television for this guy, oh yeah, no, it’s good. That was good, okay What else do we need now? I need the specialty stuff. We need psychiatry, which is its own beast entirely Super calm and peaceful area like real legit Calmness going on here. There’s a lot of relaxation happening There’s a lot of chilling out. You don’t need nothing in here There’s a trash can for when you got to throw up and you got to feel safe with all the light head posters Really? Fucking really just around you just just surrounding you that’s all it is. That’s all we really needed. That’s good Okay. All right, everybody shut up. So We only need one more left Which is the pans lab? like Pan’s Labyrinth Hang on we’re not done yet. You may think that we’re done. We’re not done. Oh, we are not done and with that my friends That’s what I call a good Hospital Put fire extinguishers around here way. Let’s just make sure make sure we’re safe and Open for bidness. We need to hire people into closed for bidness get some cheap-ass janitors in here BAM plenty of Doc’s you nurses BAM Dunzo ones. Oh, here we go. I Got this on lock baby. Oh now that is what I call a good Hospital about it guys, right? Give it up for me cuz of how great I am of how good this hospital is everybody gets a clap train going everyone just keep it going never stop because you know that I’m the best and Everybody can only understand that I am the goodest. So, thank you For blessing your eyeballs with the beauty of this hospital clown clinic The hell what? Wait, what wait a minute. Hang on. Why do I need a clown clinic? Where do you train them? wait Wait, where do you train them? I don’t have enough room. I Can’t oh god damn it I made oh All right There goes the symmetry everybody. All right. There we go. Done got it nailed it. Okay Now we got training room baby. Okay. All right. Let’s put somebody in start training course for clown nass Motivation that’s what they need to start training trainers guest trainer. There we go. Now you need motivation you all need motivation All right, here we go. We need a psychiatrist. I’m always getting quite low. Not sure we can afford to bills Do you think we need a loan? Can I get a loan? Bad face no know what that means. All right, whatever. I got it. We’re good to go. Oh, oh well shit We’re not good to go Maybe we should take out a loan. How do we do that alone? I Like it. Okay, take got it clown clinic required. Well, you know what god damn it Okay, send them home. We don’t have a clown Lynn go away or whatever these guys have motivation Right good clown clinic unlock. Well, I just sent somebody home, but that’s okay. Oh, no good They’re gonna send clowns after me aren’t they? Well, god, damn it. Okay Well, what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do is again, we’re gonna get rid of this. We’ll sell it I’ll make a clown clinic cuz that’s how we roll clown clinic for by forth and OH I just sold. I just sold my general Diagnostics Why do you have to be a dick? Why do you gotta why do you have to be a goddamn dick? Why do you got to do that to me? Any for I wouldn’t make the breakroom so goddamn big it’s our playground. I can bulldoze 40 K 30 Cades this house and no playgrounds. All right, we’re buying this one. We’re gonna take another loan Loan me up baby loan Loan me but build the Clown Wing Wah, boom. All right, there’s gonna be a star to the clown wing This is we’re going to build slowly. I’m not gonna build all symmetrical style Oh What is ridiculousness What kind of game if I walked into? What is this? Why it’s just for goddamn dick ulis now, isn’t it? That is regard to him dick ulis kind of like it though was ridiculous. But yeah, that’s all right. There we go All right, go for it. Yeah, I see we needed a new nurse We’re making a profit. So that’s good even with our loans Dagum. I’ve got a gum problem All right. So what am I do I think I need to hire two assistants because this one’s getting tired I so I’m yawning and sleeping on the job. So it’s good. No III really. Do I have a gun problem? I’ll like chew one piece of gum for about a minute or less and I’ll be like Okay, all the flavors gone then. I just pop it out and chew another piece of gum and ask Bob about it He’s known it since we first were roommates back in college. I’ve had a serious gum problem for as long as I can Remember I did train three staff. What the hell? Whoa Wait, what the hell everybody zoom in on that? What the hell is going on there with their face their face is real fucked up I don’t know what’s happening there, but that’s that’s wrong. Okay, whatever. All right training is available. There you go Start training everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. I still haven’t seen anybody actually get used to the call the clown thing No, I’m not eating a pretzel you couldn’t deal with that. Amy is even more of a saint for listening to that 24/7 Listening to what? What did I do? Be hilarious. Is that what I did? Oh No, such a cry me being so Undeniably funny all the time don’t know about you, but I find the real essence stream of death someone depressing Do you think we could go a few months, but I didn’t but no one died No one no one died. Why would anybody that? Impress the VIP with a nice Hospital. I’ve got a nice hospital right here. I need a psychiatrist Where’s my psychiatrist Sammy Pound? Sammy pound baby mayor. Tabitha wind cock is coming in Pharmacy emergency. Okay, we’ve got plenty of pharmacy You do it we’ve got plenty of pharmacy. We got more than enough pharmacy. Oh your hearts broken. Oh Well, whatever you have the same gum problem Yeah, I don’t know why I can’t do gum for like long-term and just I can’t chew gum if it doesn’t have flavor It’s super weird. I feel like this is a traffic problem right here So I’m gonna do is I’m gonna I’m gonna sell this bench. I’ll pick up this one. I’m rotated and do like this That better I’m probably better you guys need to hurry the hell up Got a few minutes too many people waiting Okay promote, ah That’s funny Hey We got a star. Okay, fine. We’re gonna keep going though. Okay, did I do it? I think I impressed the mayor Help what the fuck a nat flew up my nose what the hell and it flew by my nose and then I sniffed real hard and went right up there. oh my god Yeah plenty of protein. I guess I think I’m done. I’m bored. This games kind of fun kind of dumb I think we can call there. Yeah, I think it’s good enough Hope they all die, you know, in fact in fact, you know what let’s go wow what a coincidence i was waiting for such a long time for a long pause if you thing i did a good job on fixing some of the subtitles check out my channel James Nivison, i had a lot of fun. and mark keep doing what you are doing we love you And there we go nice And we’re all good. There we go. Okay. I have fun everybody else. Okay. See you. All right. Goodbye *Outro Music*

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