Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal interviews The Lakers’ Jeanie Buss

“Do you have to be a Lakers fan to work here?” “Actually, we kind of shy away from people who include in their resume that they’re the biggest Laker fan —” “Which makes total sense.” “— because they get distracted and they don’t do their job because they just want to watch basketball. We need professionals.” “It looks like a ride at Disneyland to me.” “It totally does, with a bunch of chairs.” “So this is where they watch and break down the film.” “We change the ring to reflect that year’s journey. So then you see now every ring is different and every ring has
something unique. This is the inspiration; this is what keeps guys going.” “That’s very cool.” “Then this is some artwork that Phil Jackson had
commissioned. They were on all three of the back-to-back-to-back teams
of 2000, 2001, 2002.” “They’re in all white because in every movie when they
depict heaven — “ “Are they dead?” “No, they’re not dead, but when you think of heaven, everyone is always in white in films.” “So maybe that was Phil’s version of heaven. These seven guys or these six guys.” “Exactly.” “OK, this is my office.” “Wow. I will never again be this close to an NBA championship
trophy, I’ll tell you that. That’s cool.” “When Dwight [Howard] came up to my office for the first time, he went right over to the trophy and touched it. And he goes, ‘These are real.’ And I go, ‘Well, yeah, why wouldn’t they be?’ ”

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