Mark Yoder, MD – Rush University Medical Center

“Patients will typically be referred to see
me if they’re having problems with their lungs, or if they’re having other symptoms
that might relate to their lungs. And so that could include conditions such
as asthma or COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], which are pretty common, as well
as less common conditions such as pulmonary hypertension or interstitial lung disease. Interstitial lung disease, the main mission
is to initially stabilize the disease process so that there is no further damage occurring
and then some of the treatments are effective at reversing some of that damage or improving
lung function. And that can translate into a person being
able to walk further or be less short of breath doing certain activities. I — like probably many people who end up
in medicine — was drawn to it because of its combination between really the human interaction
and science. And as time has gone on, more and more evidence
accumulates as to how to help patients. And so I like staying up on that information
and then taking that and being able to have discussions with my patients about how that
fits — or could fit — into their life to make their lives better.”

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