Mark Rood, MD | Cleveland Clinic Family Medicine, Distance Medicine

Being a family physician we truly not only have the privilege of getting deeply involved in patient’s lives and helping them with their health care and knowing their concerns and their families and their health needs but I truly feel like I’ve made a significant impact on helping the population that I serve. I think the ideal level that we’re getting to is the ability to see a patient in the office and then say to them at the end of the visit, “I need to see you back in three months, would you like that visit to be virtual through the telemedicine platform or would you like to see me in a bricks and mortar office?” And so for patients who are well established to us and we know very well we can certainly take care of patients who have anxiety or depression or a new joint sprain or other limited illnesses like upper respiratory infections or allergies very well using the telemedicine platform. I love to travel with my family, I have, I’m blessed with having four daughters and my daughters are now ranging between the ages of 26 and 33. My second daughter just had given birth to our first grandchild a three and a half month old extremely cute baby named Eli and we just actually came back from a family trip to Colorado with the whole family including Eli.

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