Mark Reploeg, M.D., Sleep Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

I would say my patients describe me as a
good listener. I think the longer one listens to one’s patients the more
likely we are to come to the right answers and the right solutions in terms
of treatment. It’s very easy to jump to conclusions when someone has a symptom
or a complaint but the longer we listen often that’s where the solutions arise. My wife and I were originally
attracted to the Pacific Northwest because of the climate and the beauty of
our surroundings. Specifically we were looking for a small
town to raise our family. We also enjoy having close proximity to the ocean and
to mountains, a lot of our outdoor activities or how we spend our free time.
Skiing in the winter, and tennis and biking in the summer. And we have all
those opportunities here in the mid valley. I think I would like to accomplish over
time, actually having spare time. It may take some time to achieve still in the
relatively early part of my career, but we enjoy every minute we can spending as a family. So initially I had some interests in being a scientist, being a
neuroscience in particular, I had interest in doing research and as I got
into that field a bit more and did some work with professors in college, I
realized that there wasn’t a lot of direct applicability to what I was doing
to patient care, and improvement in people’s lives.
A lot of value in doing research, certainly not discounting that but I
enjoyed being a more personal part of helping people day-to-day and that’s
where my interest in science merged into an interest in medicine, and being
able to work directly with patients. my approach to patient care involves first
listening to the patient to find out what the issues are and not trying to
jump to conclusions, after we have an understanding of what we want to improve,
with respect to their sleep disorder, then we work as a team. There is no
treatment approach that’s going to be successful unless both the patient and
the physician are an agreement, and want to move forward. There are a variety of sleep disorders
that we specialize in taking care of including, sleep related breathing
disorders, most common of which is obstructive sleep apnea. We also take
care of individuals with excessive sleepiness, with conditions like
narcolepsy, for example. We take care of individuals with restless leg syndrome,
with movement disorders while they’re sleeping. So a variety of conditions that
fall under sleep medicine. What makes my job personally rewarding is the ability
to help people in a relatively rapid fashion. Sleep disorders are very
treatable, most of the treatments we have do not involve medications, they’re
generally physical or behavioral type of treatments. And people get better from
these conditions fairly quickly, that’s a very satisfying part of what I do
because we can see improvements sometimes overnight. One of the greatest
aspects of working at The Corvallis Clinic is having colleagues and peers
who are exceptional physicians, we have opportunities to pick up the phone and
talk to a colleague, a colleague in a field of medicine that isn’t ours, and get an
immediate, intelligent answer to the question that we have. That’s what I
respect most about working at The Corvallis Clinic

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