Marina Del Rey Hospital – Dr. Shahrad Aynehchi

My name is Shahrad Aynehchi,
I’m a board-certified urologist, I’ve been in practice since 2004 and I’m a member of
the American Urological Association, American College of Surgeons. The types of procedures that I do are, really,
wide spectrum of procedures in urology, anything from treatment for kidney stones to cancers of various kinds in urology
and so we really treat everything that comes in the door,
but, I do have special interest in minimally invasive surgery,
so I do a lot of advanced endoscopic stone surgery, minimally invasive surgery for enlarged prostate, with lasers and microwaves and things, and laparoscopic surgery for
a lot of kidney cancer and reconstruction and more recently now,
with the da Vinci Robot, for a lot of kidney cancer,
complex resection reconstruction. I really enjoy, you know, urology has a lot of things to it, one of it being a lot of office practice
and interaction daily with patients, which is great,
but it also has a lot of surgery, whether procedures in the office
or in the operating room, and what’s nice about it is that
you can instantly change someone’s life. I mean, someone comes in, acute kidney stone pain and, with one procedure,
you can make them completely pain-free, or you can make them completely cancer-free. So you can really, instantly, make a big change in someone’s life and that’s really gratifying. Well, I feel very comfortable here, I think the o.r. has been really responsive
and the surgery department has been responsive to the surgeon’s needs,
and so whatever we’ve asked for, we’ve gotten, and so, really, the latest technology is here and we are able to, and it helps us to stay
at the forefront of medicine and surgery and so the hospital provides that environment,
and that’s why I bring my patients here!

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