Marina Del Rey Hospital – Dr Robert Watkins IV

I’m Robert Watkins the fourth.
I grew up in South Pasadena here in Los Angeles. I went to college out in Tennessee at Vanderbilt, then came back and trained at USC. I spent nine years at General Hospital
in East Los Angeles, learning orthopedics and medicine in general. I currently specialize in spine surgery. I spent one year in England
doing a spine fellowship, in the UK, which is a great experience, and I’ve been back in practice
in Los Angeles for about 10 years, doing orthopedic spine surgery. We treat cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, neck pain, back pain,
sciatic pain, disc herniations, pretty much any spinal pathology we take care of. The most rewarding thing I find about
being a spine surgeon is that we get to take care of people, we get to learn a lot of new techniques and technologies from
using computers, to do the surgery less invasive and people get better recovery
and the surgery safer, so there’s a lot of new skills we get to use as
spine surgeons, in America. There’s a lot of great technology and it’s fun to learn the new technologies
and learn how to use it effectively and, ultimately, the fact that it helps people be in less pain and get back to their lives
is a very rewarding aspect of my job. I’ve loved working at the Marina Hospital first and foremost because
my patients love coming here. I’ve had more patients tell me, unsolicited, that they’ve had a great experience here and I’ve worked at big hospitals all over the,
all over the world, and the nice thing about the Marina Hospital, it’s a small boutique type hospital,
that really delivers personalized care. Every patient gets an individualized room and we see the same nurses
and therapists on a continual basis. So all the nurses and therapists
that take care of our patients know me and I know them and they take
great care of our patients. Ultimately, the Marina Del Rey Hospital provides great personalized care for my patients and they love coming here.

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