Marina Del Rey Hospital – Dr. James McPherson

I’m James McPherson!
I’m a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. I’m board certified
in thoracic surgery and general surgery and I treat all forms of heart disease, lung cancer and leg pain
due to vein and vascular disease. I particularly specialize
in minimally invasive heart surgery. I also do minimally invasive lung surgery
and here at the Marina Hospital that includes robotic lung surgery. Any form of minimally invasive procedure,
I think, decreases post-operative pain it shortens the hospital stay
and allows my patients to resume more active living sooner. My approach to patient care is
to get people back to active living. If those people come to me
with heart disease, or lung cancer, or lower extremity pain,
all of those things stop them from living the lives that they have gotten used to. But I think that many people
are afraid of surgery because they think that
they won’t be able to live again the way that they used to. With these minimally invasive approaches
my goal is to get people up and active more quickly, but cured of their original disease . What I like about the Marina Hospital
is that it is a community that is underserved, as far as I’m concerned, for medical care.
Now that sounds a little counterintuitive, because the Marina is a beautiful area, but for years people
have been leaving the Marina to seek care in Beverly Hills
and Santa Monica and in the South Bay and that’s no longer necessary!
Most of the care, that people require, they can get right here!
I think it’s just a matter of getting the community to recognize that we have experts
and specialists here who can treat most of what what ails them. I like the Marina
because they’ve taken a fresh approach in getting that message out to the patient, as well as the physician community.

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