Marina Del Rey Hospital – Dr. Irving Sobel

My name is Irv Sobel!
So I was, I did my training at UCLA Medical School and postgraduates through UCLA. I’m board certified in internal medicine. I really enjoy my practice!
I enjoy people, I’m a people person! I enjoy this, when they come in healthy,
we talk, we learn about each other’s family. I’ve been in practice for, you know, 25 years,
so I’ve seen their changes, they’ve seen my changes,
they know a little about my family life. So it’s really more of an extension of my family and I enjoy what I’m doing! I do use Marina Del Rey Hospital for most of my hospitalized
care and patiens. The reason is manyfold! One, it’s a small community hospital,
so you get a lot of individualized care, we know all the staff, they know me,
so when things have to get done they’ll get done! They also have some, they really upgraded
their specialty care center. They have a great neurosurgical program,
a tremendous bariatric surgical program, so they’ve really found areas that
they can provide community care with. And they’re really constantly
upgrading the facility. It’s a small niche market and I think it provides a needed benefit
for our patients in the community, otherwise they really have to go long distances to get their care. Sometimes these a large facilities,
they’re just really a number in the facility and you really get more individualized care here.

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