Margie McGlynn, BS ’82, MBA ’83, UB School of Management (combining pharmacy and MBA degrees)

♫ [Instrumental Music] [MARGIE MCGLYNN] So the combination of a pharmacy and MBA degree was so crucial to my success in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course to manage a department, to run a billion-dollar business, to come up with return on investment analyses in order to get board approval for new capital investments, that required a lot of business skills. But on the other hand, I needed to understand what type of business I was running. What did these products do? What was the need in the marketplace? How did these products compare to the competition? What sort of market share would one expect? And I was able to converse with researchers, really know the language, know what questions to ask. I couldn’t you know, and I didn’t try to compete with them for scientific knowledge. But I was able to be a very active participant in a lot of research forums where we were making decisions on what new products should move forward and what is the profile that that product needs to meet in order to have the greatest impact on the marketplace. ♫ [Instrumental Music]

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