Manchester Pharmacy Students Lead the Way into the Next Generation

In today’s climate where there’s so many pharmacy
schools, new ones popping up, one thing that sets Manchester students apart is just their
readiness to prove themselves. Our students are showing that they belong,
kind of in this world where there’s tons of pharmacy students, tons of pharmacy schools. The practice is evolving so much, they’re
willing to look at guidelines, look at evidence, not be complacent with their knowledge, just
knowing that they came from this established program. I didn’t have anything specific I was looking
for in a pharmacy school, I went in with a really open mind, but once I saw Manchester
and saw what they were about, they made me want specific things out of a pharmacy school
so as I was interviewing and going to other schools, I kept on noticing that Manchester
really set that bar and expectation I had for pharmacy school. It’s went above and beyond like, broke my
expectations. It is very rigorous though, the first two
years it may seem like they are a lot of busywork and all that, but you apply it a lot in your
third year, and we just started our third year, and then final year you’re gonna be
in the workforce, get you ready for how it’s gonna be in real life. The student success here has been amazing. With it being a relatively newer school, I
have personally mentored students that have come in not knowing much about pharmacy, and
have just excelled. And the growth is exceptional and I think
the environment allows for that success and promotes that success. We can encourage a growth mindset because
we’re a smaller community. Students can see that, our faculty are invested
in our students, it’s not just about going from A to Z it’s the journey that’s really
important here. Every class will challenge you in a way you
don’t expect it to. Manchester does an amazing job of correlating
all the classes you’re in, things that we learn in our therapeutic classes will be correlated
into what we do in lab. That correlation really just helps instill
more what we’re learning. My first experience with Manchester students,
I was a first year resident, so myself I was only a few months out of pharmacy school,
and this was the first time I had the chance to precep students independently, my first
student was a Manchester student in their very first graduating class. From the get-go I could tell this student
was on kind of another level. That student in particular went on to do first
and second year or residency, I know our students from this last class, three quarters of them
matched right away with a residency program, and then most of them entered the second phase
of match also matched as well into a residency program so I know our students are highly
competitive now and they were back then, too. Pharmacy is an evolving field, so don’t let
people tell you that there’s not jobs in this field, there’s no progression going on, it’s
people who are committed to pharmacy, who have passion in pharmacy, that come in, get
their education, get their degree, they’re going to be the ones that are pushing pharmacy
further forward. You are the next generation, I’m the next
generation there with you. This is what we can do, this could be our
impact, and that’s what we should aspire to do.

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