Man with Life-long Medical Condition Claims He Had a Miracle Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Runles v. Taylor.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone! AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Runles, you claim
a lifelong medical condition lead you to believe
you would never be a father. That was until the birth
of your daughter Irelynn, who you claim
is your miracle baby.But now the defendant says
you are not the father.
You are here to prove that
miracles really do happen. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Taylor, you say
it breaks your heart to stand in court to prove that Mr. Runles
is not Irelynn’s daddy, as you wish in
your heart he were. But you say the truth is another man is
her biological father. Mr. Runles, why is this
test so important to you? This test is
so important to me, for me to be able to have
a daughter, it’s a miracle. JUDGE LAKE: Having Irelynn? RUNLES: Yes, Your Honor. And, Ms. Taylor? TAYLOR: Yes, Your Honor. You say you want
that miracle, too? Yes, Your Honor. But you just don’t believe. No, I don’t. This is the case. TAYLOR: Not in my heart. No. Tell the court. Well, he has a… Like, I don’t know
what it’s called. Called a hypospadias. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay. Can you describe
that for the court? All it is, is
it’s where the hole in the penis
is in the wrong spot. Instead of being up top,
it’s more towards
the bottom of the head. The doctor just said
that it’s a big possibility that I may never
be able to have kids if the surgeries don’t take. Oh, and so you actually had
surgeries for this condition? Yes, I’ve had, like, four. JUDGE LAKE: You have? Yeah. To try to correct
this particular condition? Yeah. And none
of them’s worked. It’s all closed back up, and the original hole
opened back up. But he was
never physically told by the hospital or a doctor
that he wasn’t able
to have kids. JUDGE LAKE: But you believe… It wasn’t a for sure thing. Right. But you were
told that it was… It could potentially
be a complication? Oh, yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And so, Ms. Taylor, you were well aware of this? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: How long have you
all been together? We’ve been together
almost four years. All right. So you were in
a longstanding relationship? TAYLOR: We tried for
a good two years, and
nothing was happening. We’re talking about,
you know, going into adoption
if it didn’t happen. To try to,
you know, get a kid. ‘Cause we really do want
to start a life together. We wanna have
our own little family and, you know,
get out in the world. We had unprotected sex, and we tried for
so many times to have it. Nothing was working. So then I decided to
go and do something
different and… Wait. What did you do? You have to
be specific in court. I had went and cheated
on him with a guy I had actually
known for a little while. That’s funny ’cause that
ain’t what you had told me. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, it is not? RUNLES: No. What did she tell you,
Mr. Runles? RUNLES: Her original story,
when I found out, ’cause like I said,
this is a miracle baby to me. You know, this is… Bottom line is,
this don’t work. If this is not my kid,
I gotta go. There’s not no more to it. When you found out you were
pregnant, who did you tell? The other guy were pregnant,
or did you tell Mr. Runles? I told them both, actually. I told the other guy
on Facebook that I might be pregnant.
It could be his baby. And I told him, too. But did you tell Mr. Runles
you cheated? No, I did not. He found out
physically on my Facebook. I had to hack her Facebook
and find out by myself. And so what did you see? The very first message
that popped up was her telling the other dude
that it might be his, or it’s more than
possible his kid. Oh, my goodness. And it hurt.
It was so bad. I felt like
I had a heart attack. I was shaken so bad. And every time I get
to still thinkin’ about it, like right now,
my knees are just shaking ’cause it just hurts so bad
to know that. Because up until that point, you believed
you were the father and this was
your miracle child? Legally, I am the father.
Legally, right now,
I am the father. JUDGE LAKE: How far along
was she when you found out or was Baby Irelynn
already here
when you broke into… No, no, no, no. We… I was about 22 weeks
when he found out I was… Yeah. I was through
the hospital appointments, all the pregnancy… Ran her bath
when she needed it. I went to the store
when she wanted something. You know, I was there. And so, at 22 weeks,
you find this out, and yet you still stick by her
and you stick by the baby? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And you were there? Yes, Your Honor. And are you there
when Baby Irelynn is born? RUNLES: Yes, Your Honor.
I was at the hospital, the other guy was not,
by our choice. I requested to have a
DNA test done at the hospital, but I left for 10 minutes
to go outside, get some fresh air
or whatever. And I came back up,
you know, and talk to Ms. Taylor
to see if she had talked to the doctors
about getting one done. And she said no. That she wasn’t gonna do it. When we got home,
I was like, “Why?” And she was like,
“‘Cause I don’t
want you to leave me.” Okay. TAYLOR: He’s telling
the truth. Yes, he is. I wanna have the best for her
that I can provide for her. If I can’t do it, then
I want the father to do it. RUNLES:
That’s why I hyphenated
the last name, too. Just in case, you know,
she is not my kid, and, you know, she… Legally, I’m still
on the birth certificate, and I’m not gonna
be taken off of it unless she decides to
take me off of it. Even though I knew that,
you know, there was a possibility
still in my heart that I knew there was a possibility
that she wasn’t mine. JUDGE LAKE:
You are her legal father? RUNLES: Yes. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
You are here today
to determine if you are
her biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Why is it so important to you to establish that you are
also the biological father? I’ve never fully
gotten into my
medical disorder, you know? I’ve never fully look into it.
I’ve never made myself 100% aware of exactly
what was going on. You know, in my heart,
knowing for so long that I’ve never had a kid. I’ve been trying to have a kid
since I’ve been 18 years old, and, you know, it’s just
something I need to know. And so Irelynn is
eight months old? RUNLES: Yes, ma’am. Has it affected your
ability to bond with her? Sometimes it does feel a little wrong to be
trying to bond with a kid that may not be mine, but, like I said,
I’ve been there, you know, her whole life. I always get worried that
he’s gonna leave me ’cause you never know,
you know? He’s been there
this whole time. But you now fear
that Mr. Runles will leave? Yeah, ’cause when I… Oh, no, it’s gonna…
I mean, if she’s
not mine, I gotta go. You know,
it’s just bottom-line. You positive?
You’re done if this is not… RUNLES: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You cannot
stay in this relationship if Irelynn is not
your biological daughter? It would cause
too many problems. So a lot is on the line? Oh, yes, definitely. I have evidence here.
I don’t know… I’d like to see that.
What does the evidence state? There’s an ultrasound
in there, and
it was 22 weeks that shows
the baby’s features about how she looks and… The thing that gets me is
I don’t really see him so much in Irelynn
as I do, like… I see the
other guy’s forehead, the ears,
the chin and stuff. I’m sorry,
but she has my big ears. So these are pictures of… These are pictures of Irelynn? TAYLOR: Yeah.
That was at 22 weeks. You could see the features. That was a 3D ultrasound
and a 4D one combined. That’s when I started to think
that he wasn’t the father. So I left it as that,
and I didn’t wanna tell him because I liked
the way it was. I was happy with the way
we were living life. So the other guy
does not believe he can be the father, either? TAYLOR: No. He doesn’t.
He don’t want nothing. He don’t even want
nothing to do with her. RUNLES: He goes
back and forth, Your Honor. I’m not even gonna lie. I’ve heard over the
last couple of months different things,
you know, he was wanting to,
and then he didn’t want to, and then other people tell him
that he needs to… What was your relationship
like with this other guy? We’ve known each other
for almost a year. And then he
came over one night, and wanted to hang out. We hung out, and it went
into more than that. A week later,
I took a pregnancy test. They both came up positive. And I told him not to get
his hopes up on the first one because I didn’t wanna
have him go thinking, “Oh, yeah,
I’m having a baby, you know.” And then I go to
the hospital and I find
out it’s not his baby. Before we get into that.
It’s kind of funny
how Ms. Taylor says that, “He came over.” Because her whole story
to me was she met him out at the park, and they went out
to the woods to have… No. We met
at the park, and we had
went back to my house. But, yeah, you just said
he came over to the house. JUDGE LAKE: So you are getting
new information today? Yes, ma’am. Yes. So you were told… I was told
that it happened
outside of my house, in a park somewhere outside. I did. I told him that. JUDGE LAKE: You did? But, in actuality, this man was in your home? In my house, in my bed. Since we’re telling
the truth now. The truth. BOTH: Right. Was this really
a one-night stand, or did it happen
more than once? It really was.
It was honestly… My right hand to God,
it was only
one time we ever… One time only,
and that’s the only time we ever had it,
and then she happened. I just don’t understand. I’m confused about it
a little bit because I don’t know…
Her eyes match his… Like I said, she looks
just like me. Look at her. Butt chin,
my big old elephant ears. (LAUGHTER) The smile. JUDGE LAKE: You believe
she looks like you? RUNLES: 100%. So, Ms. Taylor, does she also look like
the other guy to you? Yes, Your Honor, she does. She does have
some of his features. JUDGE LAKE: I wanna dig
into this medical condition because I wanna learn
more about it. Before I do, Ms. Taylor,
can you please explain to the court your
issue with the timeline. You say this is also a point
of confusion. The timeline. Me and the other guy
had intercourse on the 26th of December
of 2015. And when we did that,
a week later, January 1st, on my mom’s
birthday, as a matter of fact, I found out
that I was pregnant. And it wasn’t… I don’t… It doesn’t add up to me ’cause
I thought it took a month… You had to be
pregnant a month before you’re
missed period in order to be free
to be pregnant. So you’re saying you just
had sex with the other guy four or five days before you
found out you were pregnant? Yes, Your Honor. So you thought, “Maybe
I was already pregnant.” And that would happen
by Mr. Runles? TAYLOR: Right. But, because of
the medical condition, you thought… That’s why you don’t know. TAYLOR: Yeah. ‘Cause I don’t wanna say that
it’s his kid, and then… I don’t want her
growing up like I did. I grew up
with no father, so… I want her to have the
best future she can have. I don’t want my daughter
to have no father, and I want the best for her. I want her to have
an outstanding childhood. I want her to
go to college, graduate,
you know, everything. But she can’t do that
without having her father. She needs a father
to be able to have
a shoulder to cry on when Mommy’s not around. I just feel like if she had… If she actually knows
who her real dad is, when she gets 18, she won’t
hate me as much either. ‘Cause she’ll be like,
“Well, at least, you know, “you went up to court.
You did all this for me. “Went and did the DNA
to prove to me that,
you know, “to show me
who the real father was.” And that’s what I want.
I just wanna make sure that she can have
the best childhood she can ever possibly have. JUDGE LAKE:
You know, Ms. Taylor,
I must say to you, what I just heard was not a woman trying to
save her relationship. But I just heard a mother
trying to save her daughter. The bravery
you’re showing right now is even beyond your mistakes. You want your child to
have the best. TAYLOR: Yes. And you’re willing to put
yourself on the line, your comfort, your life with this man. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
To get the answer she needs. TAYLOR: Yes. And that’s what
being a mother is. I’ll drop everything for her. (APPLAUSE) I love her. That’s what
being a mother is. You put your child
before yourself. So we have a timeline issue and a medical issue. RUNLES: Right. We now understand
the timeline issue. I wanna further understand
the medical issue. So I’ve asked Dr. Brown-Parks
to join us today. Jerome, will you please escort
the doctor into the courtroom? I’d like to ask her
some questions about your medical condition. That’s fine. So that we can
further understand. (CLEARS THROAT) Hello, Doctor. Good morning, Judge. Thank you so much
for joining us today. Mr. Runles says
he has a condition
called hypospadias. He was told
by medical professionals that it may affect his
ability to have children. Can you further
explain this condition? DR. SAMANTHA: Definitely. So, hypospadias,
and I brought
a visual for you, is an opening of the urethra
in the incorrect position. So, on a normal penis,
the tip of the penis is where the urethra comes out. In our patient’s case,
his is a little bit lower. So hypospadias can come
in all sorts of varieties. And usually with surgery,
it’s completely corrected. RUNLES:
After I was 15, I think, and the doctors were like,
“You know what?
You’re old enough. “You can decide whether
you wanna have another one “later in life or not.” And, you know what,
at that point, after I’ve had
four or five surgeries, I was just like, “I’ll let
God take care of it.” So, he’s saying
that his surgeries were not successful? Correct. And so not being successful doesn’t necessarily
affect his fertility. He still can have
a good urine stream. And that’s really a good test
of the track of the semen. So, given the fact
that he has normal testicles, from reviewing his case, that’s where the sperm
are produced and the outflow track takes the same
outflow tract as urine. So this does not
necessarily preclude him from being able
to father a child? DR. SAMANTHA: Not at all. JUDGE LAKE:
Which is pretty much
what you were told? RUNLES: Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. I mean, you know,
it’s like I said, they never gave me a 50-50 or a 60-40 or a 70-30. It was just a chance that it may not
or it may happen. JUDGE LAKE:
Very interesting testimony. Thank you, Doctor. DR. SAMANTHA: You’re welcome. So, Ms. Taylor, after hearing
the doctor’s testimony, does this give you
any further hope that maybe Baby Irelynn is Mr. Runles’
biological child? TAYLOR: I mean,
there’s always a chance
for everything in life. So it’d be a miracle for him and make his life
so much better
and completing. JUDGE LAKE:
Well, I have to say, despite everything
that has transpired, you all have truly done
the very best you can try to make sure
this beautiful,
innocent young girl has a good start to her life. Amen. JUDGE LAKE: So let’s… Let’s get the answers
we came here for. RUNLES:
Yes, Your Honor. And let’s hope that
we can continue to do that with the truth
as a foundation. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Runles v. Taylor…
When it comes
to 8-month-old Irelynn Taylor-Runles, it has been
determined by this court… Mr. Runles, you are her father. Yes! (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That’s awesome! JUDGE LAKE: It is. Made me nervous
for a minute, but that’s… It really is his baby. RUNLES: Great. It’s a miracle baby. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, she is. It’s gonna help
our relationship out. It’s gonna help
my relationship with Irelynn a lot more than it already is. Well, you’ve been there
for her from the beginning. RUNLES:
Yes, I have. JUDGE LAKE: And you’ve
given her your name. Yes. You are her legal father, and you are
her biological father. Thank you. And so I’m so very happy
for you both. I hope this is now that last piece of truth
you needed to have… TAYLOR: A family. A family.
The foundation of your family. And I wish you all
the very, very best of luck taking care of
that beautiful little girl. Thank you so much, Your Honor. Thank you.
You’ve warmed my heart today. Court is adjourned. RUNLES: Thank you. I can’t believe it.
It’s just too good
to be true. I love you. (BOTH CRYING) Look, there’s Irelynn. Hi, baby. Hi! Here’s Daddy. Hey. Here’s Dad.

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