Man Sues Clinic after False Alzheimer Diagnosis

– And she discouraged
medications, second opinions, leaving the center, is that right Shaun? – Yeah, that is absolutely correct. – Is it true that one man killed himself after, again, he allegedly
developed depression after the diagnosis? – Ah, yes, that is
correct, he was diagnosed, as well as his spouse, and
other members of their family. – Well Shaun, how did you react personally when given this diagnosis, I mean, you were a young, healthy, guy given this diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s, how did that affect you? – I was devastated, you know,
obviously as a father of four and married, my mother’s still alive, it concerned me that, you
know, how it would affect them. You know obviously that played a big part in my scares in the situation. – And then subsequently
you got a second opinion, and they said “No, you don’t
have early Alzheimer’s.” They didn’t factor, or think you had some signs of traumatic brain injury from your sports history? – You know, I knew that I had
an abnormally large amount of head injuries over the years– – You played football, right? – Yeah, I also boxed for a little while, and had a car accident, things like that. They did say that obviously I have had some brain
injuries in the past, you know, more than likely I have CTE. I also sought a third opinion
from the Cleveland clinic, in both cases they said that I did not have any signs of Alzheimer’s, I also had bad scans for Parkinson’s, and I was clear on all of those things. – Well Shaun, we certainly wish you nothing
but the best moving forward. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Shaun, you said CTE, referring to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which we’ve heard a lot of the stories of professional football players– – Boxers. – And boxers. It’s not as though a diagnosis
of Alzheimer’s is one where you just send off a lab result, and it comes back positive or negative. – Right. – It can be a diagnosis that is somewhat subjective. – It’s a little elusive, but a skilled physician
can correctly diagnose it 90% of the time. – But you think about this
patient, in his thirties, right? Alzheimer’s disease is
not top of mind for me when he’s coming into my office, so something was clearly up there, but, yeah it’s a tough disease
to diagnose, for sure. – And we certainly hope
again, at this point, all of these claims are alleged, we did reach out to
Sherry-Ann Jenkins’ lawyer, and the lawyer for the clinic, they did not have any
comment, but we just, we hope the best for all these families whose lives were or are in turmoil, and this is the reality,
you have to be aware when you go to a clinic, make sure that the doctor you’re seeing is actually a doctor. We talk about it on the show all the time, make sure you see that
they are board certified.

5 thoughts on “Man Sues Clinic after False Alzheimer Diagnosis

  1. Terrible.

    Lawsuits accuse center’s director of medical fraud –

  2. What most people don't realize is that Alzheimer's cannot be definitively diagnosed until an autopsy is performed. When a living patient is "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's, it's a guess, or "presumptive diagnosis".

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