Man behind airport security breach was court-ordered to rehabilitation center

THE MAN WHO BREACHED AIRPORT SECURITY IN HONOLULU, AND LATER DIED…WAS COURT- ORDERED TO BE AT A DRUG REHAB CENTER JUST A WEEK AND A CHARLES KOSI FORCED HIS WAY THROUGH SECURITY AT A COMMUTER TERMINAL. BUT AFTER SECURITY DETAINED HIM, HE REHAB FACILITY ON OAHU…BUT WHO WAS SARA MATTISON GETTING YOU WE CHECKED WITH SAND ISLAND WHEN KOSI LEFT. THE TREATMENT CENTER TOLD ME THAT PATIENTS CAN VOLUNTARILY LEAVE PROBATION OFFICER NOTIFIED? Court records show that Charles Kosi had a federal probation officer. 3:06 we wanted to find out from the u.s. Probation office if charles kosi’s probation officer was ever notified when he left the rehab facility and we also wanted to find out how long he was gone before he went to the airport 3:17 this is a public safety concern. We wanted to know if the public should be notified anytime a court-ordered patient leaves a treatment center. Senator Will Espero says not necessarily. 8:00 each individual is different and if you’re doing something that is part of a violent crime burglary or theft that’s one thing but with this individual it could have been like driving under the influence or just something that is lesser Island Treatment Center is a nonprofit that receives state-funding. The facility says it follows department of health about it’s accreditation but have not heard back. OFFICIALS TELL ME THE RESULTS ARE PENDING INVESTIGATION AND THE ONCE WE FIND OUT WE’LL LET YOU KNOW. SARA MATTISON KHON2 NEWS.

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