Made in Nepal – INF Partnership For Rehabilitation PFR

Made in Nepal INF Handicrafts Made in Nepal Made by Nepalis Made by people with disability with little
hope of finding work Made with hands that have had leprosy Made with eyes that have seen very hard times Made with care Made with pride Made for you INF’s Partnership For Rehabilitation [PFR]
makes a way for people with disability, leprosy
and HIV to integrate into their communities:
socially, physically and economically Make our day by sourcing INF handicrafts for
your shop, church or Mom at:

3 thoughts on “Made in Nepal – INF Partnership For Rehabilitation PFR

  1. You can buy those now for under $1/W and $15 shipping (at least to NY where I live). I'm not part of the company ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM but I would feel bad to see people pay $300 for one of them if they can get it for half.
    Dude, I like your videos but lets try to make solar more affordable!
    Go Solar! and please like this to get it up higher in the comment list…

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