Lupus, Vasculitis, Glomerulonephritis (LVG) Clinic at Ohio State

Glomerular disease program at Ohio State is
is really broader than just nephrology. A in collaboration with the Division of Rheumatology,
we really have created an autoimmune program. And we have a specific clinic um it’s currently
called the LVG Clinic, Lupus, Vasculitis, Glomerulonephritis Clinic. It’s a conducted at a CarePoint East. In that clinic, a we and rheumatologists are
present simultaneously to provide on the spot care for patients who have kidney involvement
of their autoimmune diseases, as well as the more systemic involvement that rheumatologists
deal with. We have become experts in the um conduct of
immunosuppression patients. We have a very a busy and um well um outfitted
a infusion center in which we provide the immunologic therapies for patients with a
these types of diseases. And we also have developed a autoimmune clinical
trials center and registry. So all the patients who come to our clinic
are offered participation in a clinical trial a if we have one for that particular disease. One of the things that a is lacking in the
nephrology world, which has in in in sort of comparison to oncology where um disease
treatment has progressed remarkably, is that we don’t have a lot of new treatments for
these sort of diseases. In this clinic, we’ve made a registry so we
can follow the natural history of patients over time a to see how these disease progresses
these disease progress and how the the treatments affect the disease. And a we’ve developed a very robust a clinical
trials unit in which we can um start to try experimental therapeutics in patients to find
better and and more safe treatments for their disease.

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