LSVT Big Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s | Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

Here at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital we
have a team of physical therapists that are certified to treat those with Parkinson’s
Disease utilizing LSVT Big. LSVT is a treatment protocol specifically designed for treating Parkinson’s Disease and emphasizing high intensity in increasing amplitude of movement with functional based balance exercises. More and more research is showing that exercise can help decrease the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. So we offer a wellness group exercise class called
“Even Bigger” that patients can attend once completing physical therapy to continue moving
big in a group. The important thing is to keep moving. Out big stretch, flicks one,
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Sit back and reach back like bowing
to the queen one, step back reach one, reach back two, reach back two, reach back three,
and back three, and back four

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