Low testosterone: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment | Ohio State Medical Center

Low testosterone is a disease that affects
men most commonly later in age, in their 50s, 60s and older. It’s related to just a natural process of
testosterone decrease in over time. However, it can be seen in men of younger
age or men who have had a different medical problems such as chemotherapy or some other
just diseases that affect their hormone levels. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. It’s what gives people their libido, their
sexual desire, but it’s also important for bone density, make your bones a strong and
hard, a insulin control, which is controlling your diabetes and a preventing metabolic syndrome. These symptoms of low testosterone include
poor energy, especially in the afternoon, difficulty sleeping, reduced endurance when
exercising, reduced work productivity, reduced exercise productivity, mental affects such
as irritability, depressive symptoms, confusion or short term memory loss. Those are very general symptoms that can be
associated with other diseases, a which is why we want testosterone levels to be drawn,
a blood draws, a two of them at least one week apart a primarily or preferably in the
morning, a testosterone normally peaks in the morning and drops off through the day. So we want to see what the peak levels are. After we have our two low testosterone levels
plus the symptoms that a patient has, there are different treatments for low testosterone. A we can give you testosterone in forms such
as a gel, a patch, an injection into the muscle or pellets that go in the fat tissue underneath
the skin. There’s also a pill that can be used to kind
of trick the body’s um sensing of testosterone so that it blocks how it senses the testosterone
and then the body thinks that there’s a low level. Um it then naturally produces more of a trigger
to make more testosterone naturally. So we’re not actually giving you testosterone
but the body is making its own from trickery. You want to make sure that you see a medical
doctor rather than going to your local, you know, health foods store. There’s a lot of herbal treatments being sold
out there but there’s we have no idea what’s actually in that medication. A there could be things that could be harmful
to your health so you want to make sure you’re in proper medical care with somebody who specializes
a in treating low testosterone. There are, you know, advert advertisements
out there for injections but you really shouldn’t jump right into injections. You should see a urologist to see what exactly
your problem is and you may not need injections right away. It may not be the source of your problem. A lot of times when you see somebody that’s
not a urologist for injections, they charge you a fortune. Um when it may not be that expensive or it
may not be necessary. So you should come see your urologist. Come see me; I’d be happy to see you and talk
to you.

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