Low AMH: Its Causes and Treatment

Hi, I am Dr Parul Agrawal, IVF consultant
Medicover Fertility am going to discuss about Low AMH, causes of Low AMH and its treatment. What is Low AMH? AMH or Anti-Müllerian hormone is an indicator
of ovarian reserve in women. During a basic infertility check-up, a blood test is usually
done to check for the AMH value which gives us an insight of ovarian reserve. The AMH
value will help to determine how urgently a woman needs to seek treatment and how she
will respond to it. AMH decreases with age because as a woman
ages her ovarian reserve gets depleted as well. And depleted ovarian reserve might lead
to fertility issues. Critically low values would also indicate a reduced response to
ART. So, during basic investigations, if a woman’s AMH value is found to be low, she
must consider getting treatment without further delay. What are the causes of low AMH? 1:02 While considering the reason of low AMH, the
age of the woman plays a significant role. Ovarian reserve tends to decline when a woman
is in her mid-30’s and becomes even lower in a woman who is 40 years and above. The factors that may be responsible for low
AMH are: a) Age
b) Inherited genetic causes c) Autoimmune disorder
d) Previous ovarian surgery e) Chemotherapy
f) Radiation g) Smoking What is the relation between low AMH and fertility? Low AMH level is not the cause of infertility,
and it indicates that there is a low ovarian reserve. That means that the number of eggs
developing in the ovaries are limited, and the chance of a mature good quality egg releasing
every month and getting fertilised decreases. Also, with age, the quality of eggs gets affected
and the chances of early miscarriages due to abnormalities in the egg increases. What is the treatment option for patients
with low AMH? If patient is not able to conceive naturally
then IVF is a potential option which can make optimal use of the limited eggs left in the
ovaries. Provide the mature egg retrieved in a specific IVF Cycle should be of good
quality. If the AMH level is low with an abnormally
raised FSH levels, then it is an indication that the ovaries are not having good quantity
of eggs which would mean poor fertility outcome. But with proper treatment that is with an
appropriately designed ovarian stimulation protocol they have been able to conceive successfully
through IVF. And for women who have very limited eggs or
no eggs at all, and where ovarian stimulation to retrieve good quality eggs have failed,
then they should consider IVF with a donor egg. How can Medicover Fertility help women to
overcome issues in conceiving due to low AMH? Medicover fertility clinics are among the
top fertility clinics in Europe now in India. With state-of-the-art technology and technical
expertise of doctors, we have been helping patients dealing with fertility issues. We have been successfully treating many patients
dealing with fertility issues, low AMH being one of them. If you are unable to get pregnant
after several attempts, you should consult us and find a solution to your problem.

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