Love What You Do – Working at Mammoth Hospital

One of the things that I love about
Mammoth Hospital is that we are a small intimate hospital but we attract great
talent, so to be a part of a team of fantastic physicians, nurses, therapists,
athletic trainers, clinical staff is a real privilege. What I really enjoy about
working here is feeling valued by the senior administration and all the
employees here. They have an ownership of their work and their goal really is to
serve our community. I feel so blessed to be able to work in this community and
live in this community we have a great network of people who are outdoor
enthusiasts. Our patients are super motivated, they want to get back to their
activities and that makes it really fun for me to be able to work with that
population. Welcome to Mammoth Lakes! This is our
11th season here, we’re like many people we’re Southern California transplants.
Everybody comes up because of the mountain, you know we’re a world-class ski
resort, but you also realize that the Mammoth area has some of the greatest
summertime recreation. Biking, off road and on the road, skiing, snowboarding,
split boarding, Yosemite! Rock climbing, bouldering, and big walls, fishing, hiking,
so many activities do you don’t know what to choose from. One of the things I
love about working at mammoth hospital is the sense of family. A lot of my
co-workers and I have the same goals. We work well with other departments and I
see other departments working well together, and one of the things I
really like about small-town hospitals is that they use
your skills to your greatest advantage. I get to pick up shifts and come over and
work with this crew occasionally. We definitely get to practice nursing a lot
more the way you were trained to in school. There’s a lot more one-on-one
time with the patients. They come in and ask for us by name, and you get to know
them and they get to know you. Patients really like it here because they seem to
find that we can give the extra personal touch. Everybody from the visitors to the
staff to be patients, the doctors, everyone is great to work with. I also appreciate
the fact that the management at Mammoth Hospital really pushes us to have a good
work-life balance, our schedules can be flexible when needed and we have enough
PTO to really facilitate that good work-life balance. Not only do I enjoy
working for Mammoth Hospital, but I also pick mammoth hospital for my healthcare,
and I really do think that we put patients first because I have
experienced that firsthand. People are really surprised about our services
and what we give, and our doctors and how top-notch they are. Everybody treats
everybody with respect and dignity and I really like that. Mammoth is a great
place to live work and play. In all the places I’ve traveled around
the world which is quite a few, it’s still in my opinion the most beautiful
and one of my favorite places always to come back to. I’d say if you are lucky
enough to come and work at Mammoth Hospital, you would be working among
the best and you would have the opportunities of living in the mountains
and recreating in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I just really enjoy what I do here.

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