Lori Racha, MD, Pediatrician – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(uptempo instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Lori Racha,
and I’m a pediatrician. (uptempo instrumental music) I’m a really serious person, and I really take things quite to heart, and I really try my
hardest for my patients. But I think it’s important
for families to know that when I’m working with their child, I definitely am reaching
out towards the child. So, I can be quite playful and silly, but I feel like I get
the best information, and kids are at their best when I’m reaching out to them directly. So, I’ve been known to, you know, tickle toes and sing the ABCs. (uptempo instrumental music) So, my relationship with
families is pretty informal in terms of how we address each other and how we communicate. I often think of myself of
the parent that you would find on the playground, you know,
and you’re discussing kids, and you’re asking for
advice or giving advice, but that maybe I have a little
bit more medical background to back up what I’m suggesting. (uptempo instrumental music)

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