LOL Sick Day! LOL Surprise Dolls are sick at the playmobil hospital 🤢🤮🤒🤕 Lol Doctor

I’m sorry would you say ma’am ma’am oh
my gosh is spitting everywhere ma’am I am please come lay down excuse me please
come lay down oh I slipped in they throw up
this is Oh nurse I need some sauce and back please
hello you know your family with you how are you feeling my family down work your
families that were told are you good five years old and you’re all by
yourself as a playable beer cockpit doll oh my god okay this is this is crazy I
hope it’s not the rotavirus did you get your resignation oh oh my
gosh this is crazy cleaned up what are you going upstairs for so I can
find a bit oh you’re going to lay that is a bit okay and basically entirely
contagious now I need a shower let me take this off thank goodness I
was wearing my trusty road to sanitation to the very good job to clean up here
hello hello little girl are you here to visit the patient are you okay yeah the
problem I got a smokin me oh you broke your leg
let me get you up to the x-ray room and we will check please this is truly
broken Wow tonight okay alright go ahead and eat
why are you standing on your head so much so I can’t see
so you can see all right she’s in the bed okay
do I have oh yes this is just this is just a spring it hurts but it’s not
broken so we’ll just put you the little splint and then just take it easy for a
few days okay your monkey business you’re fresh and clean fabulous I’m so
happy to see someone who’s not sick with why are you bubbling at the mouth she’s
revered this is hello world all kinds of rabies she’s foaming at the mouth
hello she’s unresponsive are you okay oh oh my oh all distraught

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