LokomatPro – Intensive Therapy at State Hospital Hochzirl

I am Leopold Saltuari, specialist for neurology, and
physical medicine and rehabilitation. I am Medical Director of the Department
of Neurology at State Hospital Hochzirl. Our philosophy is to offer the patient
as much therapy as possible. Usually we do three hours of classic,
conventional therapy, plus one hour robotic therapy. The reason for implementing
robotic therapy was to perform task-specific training
over a longer period of time. This is crucial for the patient, as in order to learn to walk, you have to walk. For me, Lokomat was completely new
and I felt very proud while training. This feeling of walking was amazing. I still cannot walk very long distances, but I learned a lot about how to walk. And to walk feels great. We were able to convince the
administration to expand the organization. Now, one therapist can work with
two robotic devices at the same time. That means one therapist can train
two patients. We succeeded and of course that
also brings us economic advantages. We have four devices
supervised by two therapists. Every 15min a new patient comes in. We have 15min time to set them up and
give them instructions for the training. After having received the instructions
and when they train safely, we set-up the next patient. It is a great advantage to be
able to give double as much therapy during the same time. On a day, we can train 24 Lokomat patients
and up to 7 Erigo patients. Our devices are set up so the patients
are facing each other during the training. This creates a motivating atmosphere. Patients talk to each other and
compare distances they walked. Those are further positive aspects
of our system. Hocoma is a very innovative company. They do not stand still. They are very interested in further
improving their devices, and they bring new ideas
into rehabilitation. That makes us very happy.

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