Logistics On Location: Naval Health Clinic, Makalapa Pharmacy, HI (YouTube Captions))

the Naval Health Clinic, Makalapa Pharmacy, and
they use DLA Troop Support’s Medical Prime
Vendor Contract for pharmaceuticals. LT WILLIAM AGBO: …our
mission here at this command is to maintain a
ready medical force to support the warfighter
in terms of readiness to deploy. We support the Army, the
Marine Corps, the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard
Active Duty members and their families. ERIN SAKUDO: I’m a
pharmacist, and my job is to maintain the pharmacy
readiness for the warfighter and
their families. I check the prescriptions
that the technicians type and make sure it’s the
right thing going to the right patient. SN GOURLEY: Currently, I
am counting narcotics, making sure that all the
narcotics match up and the drugs go out perfectly. We do this so we make sure
that the right amount of medications go out to
every patient, and that we always have complete
count of all controlled substances,
every single day. LT AGBO: We get our
pharmaceuticals from DLA through the Prime Vendor. I would say the service
is very outstanding. It ranges from things that
come up, and we put in a request, we give them a
call, and they respond to it instantaneously. BRYAN MIYAKAWA: So I work
both with the vendor and the customer, and help
facilitate some things we can do to help things work
even more smoothly than they currently are. LT AGBO: So the ultimate
goal here is to maintain the medical readiness for
the warfighter and their families, and we do so by
working through DLA to make sure we have all the
medications that we need to be able to fill the
prescriptions for them, instead of having them go
out in town to the retail sector.

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