Local Hero: Mapping Calcutta’s Hospitals

hi I’m dr. Shawna a level 8 local guide from India [Music] being a doctor I always us others to places goal maps and upload any emergency information such as local doctors clinics address they are correct telephone number and their opening hours of the particular clinic [Music] so not putting up photographs on Google Maps is a great idea some of the places shown on the map one would not normally come about it’s a very good way of accessing or getting information about these places which otherwise you might miss [Music] calcutta has lots of hospitals lots of clinics some of them old some of them anew if the new ones have put up on google maps people who have never been to a place like colombia hospital would not actually know what the interiors are like what the facilities are like what the people there are like and I might be scared of going to the new hospital how do I get around it I know a person who word fear to go to hospital if they actually see there is a set ordered particular clinic it’s me reduce it’s a lot anxiety level because you actually see the instead of the Pyrenees already go within few hours after have this information from Google Maps then I can decide for myself should I want to go to the old hospital or should I try a new one if the local clinics or doctors or pharmacies are updated tomorrow somebody who requires to see a doctor will be able to go to Google Maps search for physician nearest to me neurologist nearest to me or surgeon nearest to me and within an area of a kilometer or so we will be able to pick up some doctor or the other will be able to do the job now that makes life so much easier for people everywhere you [Music]

63 thoughts on “Local Hero: Mapping Calcutta’s Hospitals

  1. Great job, shaunak das.
    Did you get that 360 cam. From google or buy it personally.

    Great job all of you guys.
    Let's summit as a LG.

    I don't have 360 degree cam so i'm using my mobile as a 360 degree cam, and it takes lots of time and errors are often occurs.

    I request local guide india to discuss problems and remedies with lot of tips and tricks.

  2. Good job I'm also giving my best to contribute in google map as an local guide when I get free from my studies…

  3. Outstanding. Infact I do have an special interest in Google Map Local Guide. I am in level 4 now. I will be very thankful to Dr. Das if he organise a local guides meet in Kolkata by which we can learn and explore more.
    Any comments will be appreatiated.

  4. Fantastic and such an important story — and the main reason why I'm a local guide myself, to help people find and see things they need. And what's not more important than a healthcare facility..

  5. Outstanding job shaunak .I am very much appreciated about it .I want to with a travel to dispose Kolkata in very good way .so I want to participate in this work.even I am a local guide level 5.

  6. You could meet my country, Greece. Food … dance … culture … polite people ….. beautiful island …. Thank you very much ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Need video add option on each location, currently only supports image and 3d images so please add the option to add videos on map. Thanks…

  8. Great ground work done by Google local Hero, Kolkata for searching medical doctors in real time of patient's need.👍

  9. Please have a look

  10. Great Job Doctor! You are truly a local hero! Best of wishes from Dhaka. But one thing for Google Local Guides ( the Youtube channel) to consider in the title, the spelling of the city has been officially changed. Now it is Kolkata as it is being used in everywhere including Google Maps.

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